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Borderlands 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Well, it comes in handy for when everything scales to your level at the start of playthrough #3, BL2 especially for Digistruct Peak.


How bout the GPD editor ? I used it a couple times for gold keys and bad ass rank before the trainer came out !
I agree the enemies are kinda crazy on OP8


Anyone else having problems with the golden keys? I try to use it and then my BL2 crashes.


No golden keys work for me I have like 150
Bad ass points work only once per game for me but I don’t really use em anyhow


Darn, do you think they will ever fix it?


What’s there to fix? It works for me too.

Read the trainer notes.


All the cheats work fine, except for the Bad*** token cheat. I do what it tells me to do by spending a token to see results, but no changes are made.


bad ass points usually works once per game


@STN Where are the trainer notes? I have Infinity and do not see it. I’m also new to using Infinity



When I hover over Golden Keys, it says “Press TAB to bring up the inventory then switch to and from Badass Rank tab to see golden keys.”


HELP this dose not work online at all help please


Of course it don’t it’s not suppose to !!
Nothing on here is for online !


Please dont get yourself banned.
Be more careful in the future.

Some other games may give you the banhammer if you enter their online side of things.
Dont think BL2 will though.


Could you add a level increase and decrease mod?


How bout using gibbed ? It works fantastic still


Hola my amigos :tada:. Have a great suggestion for this particular trainer. Add the “add item by item ID” type feature, most trainers I’ve tried has used this, and it’s the last step for a perfect trainer for BL2 :smiley:


Nayyy super jump and super speed then it will be perfect
I love going places not supost to go !
I’ll have to bribe stn with a game he needs !! Lol


@STN Some nice request above, you get a beer if you make the cheats :sunglasses:


when i try to use the golden key hack it makes the noise but nothing happens