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Borderlands 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Use gibbed save editor for that. Google search comes in handy.


Use this glitch. The video is outdated but the glitch still works. Use gibbed save editor to get the weapon to your inventory, the code can also be google searched.


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so I’m not getting any badass tokens any have same problem or a fix???

ducky :slight_smile:


Read trainer notes


The trainer should work perfectly fine.

As the Dev said read trainer notes first. It helps you understanding the trainer.
It say you have to redeem some first to see changes.

Try that :slight_smile:


It works once per game ! 100 at a time


the golden 10 key button on borderlands keeps bugging my game out


Hello I’m having this problem too I tried to do the secondary quest where you give the badass tokens. I killed the hard and I took the tokens on the ground then I used the cheat but it does not work, maybe I’m wrong? how can I do?


It has bin talked about numerous times in here , it works once per game 100 at a time if you need more can use the Gpd editor found on the internet

If you click the button then go into the menu you need to spend one back out go back in then should 100


i keep getting an error msg when downloading the trainer


i tried the dead rising 2 one and that didn’t work either


now for some reason infinity just doesn’t work


were do i download the trainer


Download the trainer ?? Its in the Infinity app ? Open Infinity and if you have the game installed from steam it will show up in list of games
Then click the play button


My game crashes when i try to add 10 tokens. I click the button than try to go back in after alt-tab and then it just crashes.


Did you ever solve this problem because I have the same problem


Do you have the steam version?


Yes I do and it just crashes I can’t even check if it worked.


Never happened to me or others i think? Is it happening for anyone else too?