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Borderlands 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


No works fine for me


I got it, I had to have a key in the first place to add onto it. I had to get some shift codes to get 5 then I could add onto that. Now it works perfectly.


Does anyone have any codes for keys?
I would like some


Can you maybe add infinite time for the Assassin’s Invisibility class? It would be pretty amazing


You can get some active keys from here:

All legit, but a big pain in the butt to add them all; which is why this trainer is helpful.


You just hold down the keyboard key for the golden key cheat.
Then you have more than enough within some sec.

I dont see how that a pain in the butt to do?


I don’t think you understood my response, which is fine. But I encourage you to reread the post to which I was replying and then what I wrote.

If you NEED a couple keys already in your possession to allow the trainer to work, you can obtain a few from the website I linked. Then you can use the trainer by STN.

I merely remarked on the process of copying and pasting those codes one by one can be grueling.


Hey, I have a little problem with the Borderlands 2 mods. Everytime I press one of the Hotkeys my game is chrashing. Every other game works perfektly fine (thanks for that :grin: ) Any Idea why my game is crashing :thinking:


Do you have steam version?




Its not the trainer i play this game once twice a week
Is it updated to latest version ?


Just wanted to ask if it was possible to add an instant level up button.


Is it possible for you to add a speed increasing mod on Borderlands 2? If so can you please do it?


Is it possible for you to make a speed increasing mod for Borderlands 2 ? if so can you please do it?


I have been asking for a speed and jumping cheat for a while now
I think its a nusance for them to go back to add stuff to old trainers


Dang cause I really want those.


I would love to have those too. The 1st borders has it and it is fantastic dont even need a vehicle to run across the wasteland.
I wonder if we keep posting here and taggin @STN he mite get pissed and add em lol

Maybe i can bribe him with some games , or money , or a girlfriend , your not a girl are you ? Lol


Not this week, busy with exams :frowning: but yes tagging me will get it done


Hi there… could it be possible to have xp cheat added :slight_smile: ? @STN


Game crashes for me. Help?