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Borderlands 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Not sure if there is a fix following the comments from the beginning it works for some people and for some it dont. I know it works every time I use it have like 500 keys I dont even use

Read the notes and keep trying. It works. I tested it and minus a momentary glitch where it doesn’t seem to add, it works eventually.

Disable your antivirus and add wemod to its exception list. Run the game yourself then click Play. Spam the play key.

Everything works so far with this update besides the Badass Points. I cant seem to get them to add no matter what sequence i do it in. is there a trick to this?

I remember it was tricky sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t, but need to have some. I went in and out a couple times and 100 was it each time you play

The Borderlands 2 cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


Tried this but it does not seem to work, any ideas??

Welcome to wemod. Well this definitely works I use it everyday still.
You didnt give use much info what happens when you try it.
It could be a couple different things.
Press play ? Game from steam ? Antivirus? …

when i try to launch the trainer,

this pops up, as well as the mcafee thing in the corner. is there a specific point i am meant to launch the trainer?

That’s what it is. Mcaffee dont like wemod or some of the trainer. Need to white list wemod so it will work. Think wemod is a virus. But it ain’t


Is this what i whitelist and do you know how??

i just tried whitelisting it but that changed nothing. i have been able to use wemod for other games fine but not this one.

Ya that one and
C:\user\appdata\local\ wemod\update\exe
The pop up in pic shows it quarantined the file
Try and start the game first then after your in game back out then click play in wemod after that helps sometimes too
And make sure you have the updated BL 2 game just updated like a month ago

now i just have this

and the update thing did nothing and the game is up to date i think

What ptondo said above is accurate. McAfee is flagging WeMod and stopping it from downloading the trainer. If white listing didn’t work I would disable mcafee, uninstall Wemod and then reboot your computer before re-installing. :slightly_smiling_face:

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if this is the case, why does it work with other games??

It has something to do with code and exe’s I’m not that far advanced to answer that. But as you can see it will flag some things and some things it dont.
Just got done playing BL 2 for an hour so I know for sure the trainer works

In short words, AV look for a code common to malware in programs. This is very prone to false positives especially if you’ve heuristics enabled because it’s not an exact match but a guess.

One trainer code appears like that to your AV, others doesn’t.

For example, known malware uses Internet, now antivirus will think every other app that’s using internet is suspicious.

AVs also have whitelists. They’ve pretty much whitelisted every common program you have from Microsoft, Google, etc so they’re not triggered at all despite doing a lot of work similar to malware. A relatively unknown or new program like wemod or trainers aren’t whitelisted and get flagged due to false positives.

Antiviruses really aren’t the most sophisticated programs. It’s stupid how little of the work they actually do, they can never protect you from new threats so they just ban known code which by itself is innocent. Gotta make money somehow.

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Lucky enuf the trainer STILL works with the new dlc released today. !!

Hi! very nice trainer! thanks! could we get a cheat where you can change your jumping high?
Thanks again.