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Borderlands 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


maybe if we work together we can find one have you done anything to infinity or borderlands 2 files? KingKazuma


No I have not, I have not messed with any of the files, I have reinstalled but still does not work. I even went completely offline still did not change money or eridium. After many tries I tried rebinding keys maybe to see if it was the keys problems but still no hope.


do you have borderland DLC? if you do that’s why. if you do


I do not have the DLC


then there is nothing I can think of… if I do find I will tell you




hey I need to know the file location of the borderlands 2 hacking data. were the game hacks are after you have them. thank you.


the what?


Alright, i was able to finally replicate the bug with @KingKazuma’s save. Releasing a fix in a few


So the trainer didn’t write anything to game and after some digging it turns out my update was never pushed to the public (that i did a week ago) cause the motherfucking appveyor for some reason thought it would be a bad idea :rage: ARGHH

Anyway, it should work now!. I went ahead and added cheats for Golden keys and Badass tokens as well. Thanks for the save file, i would’ve never figured it out.

@trollman911 @KingKazuma


Thank you so much! It finally works, but now I am going to sound like a complete jerk and assbutt for saying this but the Golden Keys and Badass tokens do not work, well the tokens do not work the golden keys instantly make my borderlands 2 crash. Thank you for fixing the Eridium and money and it works now thank you!


THANK YOU SO MUCH! I’m happy with life now I can DIE IN PEACE jk . so thank you!


You’re welcome. That’s what i do, let people die in peace


Okay so to my post of the keys and points not working, the keys work now thank you if it was you that fixed it, but when I started a new campaign it worked so if that’s what fixed well there ya go.


is there any way you could add backpack space and speed?


Ok, first of all, thanks you guys for all the work that goes into this software. Much appreciate it. Now I’m having an issue with the Bad Ass Tokens, for whatever reason that’s the one cheat that’s not working for me. No matter what, it doesn’t add anymore tokens. Thanks in advance.


You have to redeem some first.


I’d rly like to know how many you have to redeem cause I originally played it on ps4 and a friend gifted me the GOYE on Steam (cause a few friends have it there and not a single one on ps4). And well tbh I’m just missing my “Badass Stats” and cba to farm those again. But gj on all the other cheats was nice to see all skilltrees maxed :smile:


All you have to do is spend some of the BAT that you already have and then you can activate the cheat and it will work, Im pretty sure that’s how it works, haven’t played in a bit.


My Rank is about 2500 atm and I spend every Token I got so far :confused: