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Borderlands 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Have you tried activating the cheat and then spending your BAT? That could be it.


You mean literally before I spend them like I have 1, press the hotkey and then have 100?
Never tried it that way, I shall try that tomorrow ;s


I mean, you could have 10 BAT activate the cheat, spend them and then get +1000. Something like that. Good luck~


Yeah, cheat has to be activated first then spend just once and you should get more.


So, yeh I had 3 Tokens, activated the cheat exactly as I was spending them and got +100 one time and that’s it.
Tried to do that again but nope :confused:


Have you tried restarting your game and trying again? I tested it and it works for me, must be something you are doing on your end.


I actually restarted my game when I had like 5 Tokens left and tried to do it again.
When are you activating the Cheat?


I activate the cheat just before I spend the BAT, I then spend one and all of it appears.


Ok… So it works once you start the game and you have to restart it to do it again… Could be easier but hey, it works at least :slight_smile:


At least you found a solution :smiley:


So, Jhinn, do you have to restart the game again or can you do it as you please? :smiley:


I can just do it as I please, although I don’t really use it much, I only activate it once or twice every now and then.


Ide like to see inf vehicle health if possible.


does the trainer still work if i do online coop games with my buddies? or will i get kicked/banned


It may, but it is better to use it in singleplayer and then jump into a mates game.


ok didnt know if things carried over


If you use the same character, it will.


I’ve been using this trainer for sometime now, And I love it. Everything works for me, except the 100 Badass tokens. You’ll here it make the activation sound but no golden keys get added.

Definitely appreciate any advice or help (:


Did you spend some ? Every time you spend some, 100 get added.


having issues with my golden keys instead i get negative keys