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Borderlands 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


i only had 1 Badass token, I enabled the cheat first then spent the last badass token and nothing happened after that, just showed 0 tokens since i had none remaining


i had the same problem multiple times, i just kept pressing adding golden keys until it went back to positive


that kinda works for me except it only goes to like 10 and if i try and add more it goes back to negative 100 some lol


yeah i think you can only spend 10 at a time, then when you have 0 keys just press the add golden keys and youll have 10 again. I could only get mine to 20 golden keys. then it went to negative 247 for no reason


To be honest, i kinda want to choose how many skill points and badass points I receive, and also the adjustable level doesn’t work for me, could someone maybe look into that?


An infinite shield and infinite health cheat would be amazing.


You already have [never die].


Never die is health


whoops derp


the one hit kills doesn’t work for me when i’m fighting any flying enemy or enemies with armor and shields. is there any way to fix that?


The Borderlands 2 cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


ever since the update I haven’t been able to start the cheats. if I try and start the game from infinity it starts the game but then says it could find it, but if I start the game first and then hit the start button, the start button just keep the loading symbol and I still cant use the cheats


I have bin playing borderlands 2 every day using only infinite ammo and one or two others usually the only cheat that don’t work for me is no reload witch is kind of a pain but no biggie !


Press ctrl+shift+d then switch to console and see what errors pop up


I love it. but pls can you make a super accurate in borderlands 2?? pls. that would do this game awesome :D:DD


Hi everyone, I have steam version of BL2, i have 2 problems, first of all, BAT cheat doesn’t work at all, even if i spend one, no one gets added, but the main issue is with the Golden Keys, when I add them out of the game nothing happens and i get no keys, but if i add them while playing, the game totally crash, what can I do? Thanks


I play borderlands 2 like almost every day and I can say that the bad ass points work ( sometimes ) and the golden keys work every time I try it even tho ain’t much I want in the chest lol I just open it to see what’s in it !


Can u add: instant level up, please so u can get better things quicker


My game still crashes when I add Golden Keys, what can I do?


With the new update, Infinity crashes with a lot of games.