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Borderlands 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Downloading the game.


The trainer does work fine they are saying the new infinity update yesterday


Oh okay. Then nothing i can do about that.



@STN i just played for a bout 30 minutes and the golden keys work fine but coins dont work at all tryed multiple times with redeeming a few coins as well, also game didnt crash at all


Thanks you anyaway, i’ll wait the next update and try again


I would be nice to be able to cheat seraph crystals instead of farming.


Never used gibbed ?


@stn I know you are super busy being on here every day seeing all the stuff you have to do , but would love it ( and you too ! ) if you could add super speed and super jump to borderlands 2 I see a couple other games I have have it already and use them. The game is old but I love playing it.
Not sure if u accept bribes or not ? Game you need , money … lol


I already have made the cheat from way back when before infinity, just didn’t put it in infinity (since it’s an old game). I can add it, if you’re on discord ask about it or PM me here in a day and continuously so i won’t forget :P.

I have to deal with so much posts on here (usually user errors) that i forget requests like these (especially for older games/low priority ones ) so if i forget, spam my inbox and i will get it done.


They should still work on bypassing that somehow though, because it works just fine in the Pre-Sequel


Huh? You don’t need to do that


Um, yeah ya do, if you don’t like logging in and out of the game repetitively though…


You can get 100 bad ass tokens each time you play it !
Mine works once per game


Yeah, per game… I’m talking about just making a slight tweak so I don’t have to leave my firewalls off for an hour…


can you add another cheat for borderlands 2 can you add custom rank creation where you make yourself max rank


That is online and we don’t do mp cheats


I’m having no issues with the cheats.


The difference is that the cheat in BL2 is executive and not on/off as in Pre-Sequel. I don’t really care about it anymore cause I just restarted the game over and over again until I had as much Boni as on my PS4 back when I did edit my post.


Eh, thing is that I basically turned Jack’s Double into a god in the Pre-Sequel 210% stat boost average to everything… that might take me two months to get that done on BL2 since One, my firewall doesn’t allow the cheat to activate (even though it’s listed under exclusions with the infinity launcher). Two, I’m not on the computer 24/7 since I have a 14 hour shift, five days a week…


210% stat boost sounds op… and boring af tbh, but everyone likes different things xD