Borderlands 2 Custom Xbox Slim

Borderlands 2 Custom Xbox Slim
I have not modded a Xbox Slim case yet, but as they are getting real cheap now i thought i would play around with this spare case.
The plan, so far. Is for a Borderlands 2 themed case. I have some ideas but i wont reveal all my secrets straight away.
Stripped it down

Rough designs, i wanted a radius on the corners

Hard Drive Window

Pilot Hole

Cut out

Files. These make your job alot easier then trying to sand your edges down smooth.

Top window cut out

When you are marking out your windows, check behind where you will be cutting, it makes it alot easier if you fit your design to the case.

Dude that totally looks like borderlands 2!!!

Its just a case with 2 cutouts and a theme of a game that isnt even out yet.

You should wait until the games out or your case is done.

Give him chance. You can only embed like 4 images in one post.

He’s not done…

Can’t wait to see the final product. The more time spent, will be the better the turn out.

hes a new member and you talk to him like that really man

on topic great job so far man cant wait to see the final product i would like to do something like this someday :smile:

Well my issue is that the games not out yet so you cant really make a decent console from it.

Constructive criticizem*

Yea, but i bet there are images of it already…

Let me Google that for you.


OT: Keep it up, so far so good!

Its a worklog, it takes time to finish it.

Care to share any of your case mods on here ?

Getting a headstart on the case before the game comes out.

Grinding down the edges so i have room for the plexiglass.

Primer on the other side of the Xbox 360 case and other parts.

Just out of curiosity, How much would I have to pay you to make me a custom case with Plexiglass, and The name “Techspert” Engraved on it?


Good job , I wish you the best with your Xbox !


Even the new guy gets it. Don’t be rude. Treat people how you want to be treated, you would be surprised just how far that takes you.

All parts in primer now.

I cannot wait to see the rest, I reckon its going to look sweet!

I once spray painted an xbox metallic blue, if i find some pictures all put them up. :smile:

Finished the primer and gave it a light sand. Put it back together to see how it looks. Starting to work on ideas to actually make it Borderlands 2 themed. Any ideas would be appreciated.

How do you make the edges so smooth!? I tried to case mod and I tryed to use my dremel to sand but it looked all jagged! Do those tools you showed actually work good?

I would just use that

Yea i used those 2 files, i didnt do much sanding at all, most of the work was done by the files. Put it in a vice and file away.

Wow that’s amazing… I just want to see how your going to glue the plexi glass I tried on mine with super glue and it would always just fall off!