Borderlands 2 - GPD Editor v2.3.0.5

Borderlands 2 - GPD Editor v2.3.0.5


How to use:

1.) Extract your Gamer Profile from your XBox 360 device using Horizon.
2.) Open the extracted Gamer Profile with Horizon, go to contents and extract the Borderlands 2 GPD [5454087C].
3.) Run the editor, first open the extracted Borderlands 2 GPD then open your extracted Gamer Profile.
4.) Edit your Badass Tokens, Golden Keys, Bonus Stats and save.
5.) Open your extracted Gamer Profile with Horizon and replace your GPD with the modded one.
6.) Rehash & Resign your Gamer Profile.

Borderlands 2 - GPD Editor

Have fun :smile:

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Now i need a turbo contoller for the a button. whew my hand hurts

Why did you only add Badass tokens?

Great work, like always :smiley:

I have no problems.

this is awesome…even better yet, I have a viking macro controller so I put a " A button masher " on, so just pressed the a button once and walked away… 1hr later, came back and all baddass points were at 100% and more…AWESOME !!!

Thanks for positive reply.
I’ve updated the editor right now. Now you can mod your golden keys and set all bonus stats to maximum.

Have fun :thumbsup:

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nice work!

this is for offline right?

I believe not! I was playing new dlc with my buddy out of state yesterday online and everything was kosher! I had 353% bonus stats as of that time.

what im kinda worried about is getting banned lol. i don’t like using stuff that mods the multiplayer part of the game, off line and campaign sure but not online stuff. thanks for the heads up.

if your nervous create a dummy silver acct and copy your gpd over to that acct and have fun with it that way. Atleast you still have same characters and can enjoy using the editor!:thumbsup:

Edit: If you need help let me know!!!

Gearbox has yet to “BAN” people for modding keys & badass tokens. The most I see them doing is resetting your keys & tokens…

Gearbox is very mod friendly and i guess they leave it at reseting your keys and badass tokens. But don’t play online coop with other people if you have max bonus stats, because the people could report you to microsoft.

though, eventually they take actions if people mod again after several resets.

i cant get it to work it just stops responding can i fix this

Golden keys!

Thanks a lot!

Is it safe to use this if i plan on playing this only with my girlfriend?

It is safe, no worries!

thanks man, exactly what i was searching for today, such a coincidence

Hm, I wonder what they would do to me if I modded my golden keys, or if they would do anything at all.