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Borderlands 2: Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack #2


Hey dude! The link broke ;( Could you re-upload it please? I never played the Digistruct peak map ever and i’ve only gotten to level 61 :confused: Thanks :smiley:.


The link did break. Here it is for ya.!rANH0QTY!2Dz84kwtAtLYRkmY_E1s-5p4vjKBCPsDsg9-iRHM-yI


Anyone Has Some DLC Other Than The Psycho Pack That Doesn’t Need JTAG Please


All the BL2 content at the link below is DRM free/No Jtag needed.

Go here:!zkc1STqK!GkR_8kXlYFNHZBijhGokjA


I know this post is very old but I just saw this in 2016 and I was wondering if there was still any chance of getting ultimate vault hunter upgrade #2 drm free no jtag.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


That one was not on the GOTY edition so it was never released as DRM free. Sorry.

@staff this should probably be closed.


@SteveWonda The link is broke sadly…


Well this thread is over 2 years old…


@N1ceToMeetYou talk about bumped.


Which link? I have many in this topic. If I still have the files you need I will re-up them.


The none jtagged one


UVHP2 will only work on jtag/RGH.


Is there any ones you have thats non cracked XBOX360


Sure, here you go!


Snake. I applaud you for that one.
You’re brilliant!
Also thanks for the links!
No I can game a bit


Hes just a meanie. Aint he ?


What are you talkling about, I am the nicest person on this site. Too nice in fact.


@sNaKe you are a very nice person, nicer then that @ptondo guy. Lol.


The link for Wattle Gobbler and Mercenary Day is broke.
Do anyone have a working link?


Well they are 3 years old
Maybe mr. Wonder will upload em agian. @SteveWonda