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Borderlands 2: Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack #2


Anyone got a down link?:slight_smile: thanks!

Looking for a certain Borderlands 2 DLC. (x360)

This section of the forums should have the UVHUP #2.


UVHUP #2 is not DRM free so it’s not available there.

I came through for ya man. I went to a buddies house earlier and got it off his hard drive. I just uploaded it to Mega for you, and anyone else that needs it. Keep in mind this will only work on Jtag/RGH modified Xbox 360 consoles as it’s NOT DRM free.

My Mega Link:!rANH0QTY!2Dz84kwtAtLYRkmY_E1s-5p4vjKBCPsDsg9-iRHM-yI


oh yeah! thanks a gazillion! :thumbsup:


No problem man, I come through when I can.

I also got the Headhunter pack #1 T.K. Baha’s Bloody Harvest DLC while I was there. It just finished uploading.

My Mega Link:!ad0knDrY!q1FRngXypX_jJeSIPz5QDPDnMq4zR_2LirS1zQQwEv4


you are awesome sir! :thumbsup:


hey is a fleshed x box the same as that jtag-rgh ? can i play theese four free ?


I don’t think that’s possible, no they’re not the same.


whats a fleshed xbox?


It’s a 360 wrapped in the flesh of a red spotted leopard.

I think tommy meant flashed. Flashed is when the optical drive is flashed with custom firmware allowing it to read burnt discs.


I got the rest of the Headhunter packs for ya. There are 4 total, but it’s 2 per file for some odd reason. I guess Gearbox decided to put 2 & 3 out as 1 file, and the same with 4 & 5. I know this sounds weird but I did some research after not understanding why all 5 were playable on my buddies 360, but it only showed 3 Headhunter packs on his hard drive. It turns out when you buy one of them you download two of them in one file, and if you buy the other one it get’s unlocked. Since you have a Jtag this should not effect you.

This link below is for #4 & 5, Wedding Day Massacre & Son of Crawmerax. I will have 2 & 3 up for you by tomorrow night. Enjoy!

My Mega Folder:!fQ0UgLYa!3M3DBYwTekBTFtzeAAbBoAaJZtxBuGXmqoqO2zTST2g


I finally got around to uploading the last pack. This one contains Headhunter packs #2 & 3, Wattle Gobbler, and Mercenary Day. Enjoy!

My Mega Folder:!nRlFRb7b!8jB9HLUiLXZqRw4J3mxeSRmLnwBOGJNo0IMmV9Sf44g


i am officially a happy camper! haha! currently farming torgue tokens to buy em legendary equipments to take on the seraphs at TVHM and eventually UVHM! :smiley: thanks steve!


Farming Torgue tokens? Do you not know about the wonderful Gibbed BL2 save editor? You can just add the max amount of tokens, spend em, and then add more, as many times as you’d like.

Check it out here:

Direct download of the editor:


does it work like horizon?


You use Horizon to extract the SaveGame.sav file that you find in the contents folder of your BL2 save when it’s opened in Horizon. You then open that exacted file with the Gibbed editor and mod what you want, and save. You then go back to the SaveGame.sav in the contents folder of your opened save in Horizon and right click on it and select Replace, locate your modded save and choose it. Now use Save, Rehash & Resign a few times and you’re all done. You should always make a backup of your original save just in case something goes wrong. The Gibbed editor is very reliable and I can’t remember ever having any issues with it. Oh yeah, and remember to select Xbox 360 save in the drop down box when attempting to open a save with Gibbed.

File to extract/replace

Gibbed drop down box for file type


Cool! thanks! now i just have to get home to download this… haha its blocked on my office connection… haha i suppose they deem it NSFW


I have some experience with gibbed and if you need any help just let me know. Once you get gibbed up and running you can check out this site for item codes. (Just paste them into your backpack)

You will find codes like this:

Horse Hammer Buster (Stability)
BL2(hwAAAAAZEgCCRgM/BiGTzWIYxNCLgQEDIob//xMY/v/7YljDcIzh) (Non-Elemental)

And this is what you will paste:


edit: ops


Thanks a bunch guys! You are F&^%$#@! BadassAwesome!(Mr. Torgue Voice) :laughing: