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Borderlands 2: Ultimate Vault Hunter Pack #2


Do you have a Jtag/RGH modified 360? These will only work on one of those.


Yep! I have a RGH console.


Alright. Getting them off my RGH’s hard drive now. Will post you a link once they’re uploaded to Mega.


Thanks a lot, bro!


Here ya go. For some reason those 2 Headhunter DLC packs are part of 1 pack on my hard drive called “Headhunter Pack Content”. I remember having issues 3 years back finding them on it because of this. When you open the package in Horizon and click on “Contents” and then scroll to the bottom on the left and look in content you will see that files in there start with “Hunger” and “Xmas” which are basically the themes of the DLCs. Remeber, you might need a newer title update than what you currently have. Enjoy!

My Mega Link: REMOVED


SteveWonda, Ive no words to thank you so much.
I’m downloading it right now and as soon as I check it, I’ll let you know if works.
Once again, thank you.


Something strange occurs. I’ve downloaded the Headhunter Pack Content and tranfer it to my Hard Drive via Horizon.
The 2 packs (Wattle Gobbler and Mercenary Day) didn’t show up and the other 3 (Wedding Day Massacre, Son of Crawmerax and Bloody Harvest) disappeared. And I noticed that some equipment disappeared too (one pistol and one shotgun).
My current TU is 14.


Hmm…that’s odd. I know they worked for the last guy I uploaded them for. Do the 3 other DLC still show up on you storage device? I would probably start by removing the pack I gave you and see if the other 3 and the 2 missing guns show back up. Title update 14 is the latest from what I can tell so that should be fine. Let me do some brainstorming and research online to see what I can figure out. I have every last piece of DLC and TU14 and everything works on my RGH just fine. I also don’t remember ever having issues with any of it.


I removed the pack and the missing things (guns and other headhunter packs) are back.
I’ll search for some help online too.


This Headhunters #2 & 3 pack should work:!WIEE0QiB!0GWThUJj4iyhmvqeiMoy79m56LE0NjAE8U_LhIE3w7k

While examining Title Updates I noticed there are different versions of them. For example Title Update 14 could be version 1, 2 or 3. You can check this by viewing the TU in Horizon’s Device Explorer. If you still have a problem with these 2 DLCs go ahead and back up your TU and try 1 of these. Both of them work on my RGH will ALL DLC playable
Title Updates:!yIMylIRD!smvOZtaFkyoQH0NppO8scy0A-o4Shqyc9WJgjrgBxqI

Let me know how it goes.


Hi, SteveWonda.
First of all, sorry for delaying the feedback but I had some private issues.
But here we go!
Once again, thank you for the Headhunter Pack, it works perctly.
Wel … almost.
When I transfer it to the console, the respective locations automatically appears in the Fast Travels but Wam Bam Island (Son of Crawmerax) and Rotgut Distillery (Wedding Day Massacre) are not there. I’ve tried with both TU files you’ve uploaded and the results are the same.
I think that it happens beacause the system, for some unknown reason, may read just one pack at time. Maybe if each DLC came in a separated file, they would work properly.
But it’s OK, don’t worry. I’m gonna play these two, finish them and if I want to replay the others, I’ll delete this one, ok?
I know I’ve said this before but thank you very, very much.


Hi SteveWonda, you have other UVHP2 ? When I put this, in the my xbox Jtag, appear the error of the loop of compatibility pack


SteveWonda, could you possibly reupload headhunter packs 1, 4 and 5 because their links are either removed or they dont exist on mega. I would be grateful.


I’ll see what I can do but no promises. They get taken down fairly quickly. You do have a RGH or Jtag correct?


Yup, btw I got headhunter packs 2 & 3 from your link. You are amazing. + rep


Ok. I’ll get them up within a day or two. Possibly by tonight.

EDIT Processing request this very moment. As soon as upload to MEGA is complete I’ll provide the link.


Ok, thanks bud. Its also really cool that after few years you are still active:Dd.


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I still stop in daily. Do we know each other from years back?

I got this one done in record time. Here’s the link:!rc92hYqI!777fBbojRMTCKOfJsgRyy7_qmnmbsTntiQn-qkFfedQ


I just started really using wemod. I found this post and read through all of it. I saw some comments that you’re here for 3 or more years. Also thanks a lot mate, wish I could get you back somehow ;D