Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The Call to Arms - Gates of Hell: Ostfront cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

A big thanks, works again.

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Still crashes on campaign missions…

its games problem , not mrantifun , only way to make game stable with the wemod , its enter the safemode from wemod , but … i think no one knows how to enter games safe mode from wemod

only safemode could make sure when you play gates of hell stable with wemod

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How do you enter safe mode from wemod?

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start the game in safe mode and press ctrl+alt+delete, right click on the game icon from task manager, open the file location and drag the game icon to wemod. Close the game and reopen from wemod.

Thank you!

Attempted to drag and drop the icon to wemod to no avail, is there a specific place to do so?

Nevermind, I have figured out the location. Does this prevent crashes or do they still occur?

unfortunately it happens. I just realized too.

Why does the game load so slow on missions and freeze and crash right in the middle of a conquest match?

because the game has a anti-cheat software installed that hates wemod and if it detects the trainer running even without being active it will crash the game. There’s no guaranteed workaround as of yet.

dont take this the wrong way, but if you had read that past few replies here you’d have the answer to your question :3

again that isn’t meant in an offensive way.

No worries I did read everything about a week ago forgot about it though was trying to decide if I wanted to get call to arms, anyway I’ll do what I did for MOWAS2 and just edit all the units with more ammo and Health In a little personal mod.

Thanks no offence taken.

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Try to use Cheat-Mods from the Workshop i played Yesterday without troubel… (With Wemod).


no ~ thats not safemode exe , i think , in games folder , there is only one major exe file : call_to_arms.exe

you cant enter safemode from this , you cant just go in

Hi, I’ve been using Wemod for a while and love it! I just recently bought Call to Arms and was using the trainer for it and has been working great. I decided to buy the DLC Gates of Hell for it and the rest of the DLC’s it has. When I started up Gates of Hell it crashed within 5-10 seconds. After doing some research and applying quite a few fixes, I found out that it was due to incompatibility with wemod. I’m sure this has been brought to your attention and hoping there is a fix other than having to delete wemod altogether. As thats been the only solution I’ve seen from others. It has worked well for the original Call to Arms and no problems at all, so I don’t see what the problem is.

It’s due to a separate team working on Ostfront over the base game, along with the fact too many people were using this mod to cheat in multiplayer so only the base game has a working version of wemod. It isn’t possible to play Ostfront no matter what you try and it will remain that way because a couple people decided to use this mod to cheat.

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Hey thanks for the info, makes sense. It’s stupid some people had to ruin it. Hell, I never knew wemod worked in multiplayer but never wanted to try it in fear of being banned. But thats why cheats belong in SP when you want to mess around and leave them offline if you want to play against people.

How have you been starting up the game? It’s not working for me.