Cant find the installion of mw3 yet i have it

Someone please help i want to mod mw3 but it wont work

Is the game installed with Steam? If not, how was it installed? Do you know which folder it’s in?

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Like Frank mentioned above, we need more details from your side. And, try to stay focused on one topic, as you’ve already asked a similar question here as well:

Anyways, like mentioned before, try to redirect the INFINITY mod to properly detect your Game. Most probably, the trainer/tool isn’t detecting the installed path/FOLDER of your game.

So click on the PICK FOLDER button, to select the game’s .EXE file. Which version and copy of the Game, do you have ?

Is it from STEAM, Origin, GOG, or some other source ? Try to manually direct INFINITY to the proper game folder, by clicking on the PICK FOLDER icon.

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It’s downloaded through steam and when I direct it to the folder it does nothing…

“Does Nothing” means ? You don’t even get any error messages ? Did you select the correct game folder ?

Make sure you have full OS administrative rights.

When you run the Infinity app/tool, make sure to run it as an ADMIN, and temporarily disable any Antivirus/AV, as well as firewall on your PC.

You can also add “Infinity” as an exception/exclusion, if using any AV, but better turn it off, for the time being.

First launch the Infinity tool, and then start the game through this MOD, by clicking on the START button. If this doesn’t work, first launch the game via STEAM or otherwise, and then open the Infinity tool.

Try both these methods.

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@Kanai_MODZ What is your game’s exe name? Also i am assuming you selected the base game folder (Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3)