CoD WaW Zombies Mod Menu USB

Hi everyone, I have developed a CoD 5 zombies Mod Menu (Not a bind menu, a mod menu) You can download it here

[b]How to use this menu

  1. Download the savegame
  2. Replcace ID’s with a program like Modio or Horizon
  3. Place savegame on USB
  4. Put USB in Xbox and boot up CoD WaW
  5. Select USB as save device
  6. Goto Campaign > Resume
  7. It should load then kick you to main menu
  8. Goto zombies. Works online and offline[/b]

Back button: Open/Close menu
A Button Select sub menu/mod
B button Go back
Right D-pad = Give all guns
Down on D-pad = Drop Gun
RB = Noclip
LB = Change speed of game Fast, slow, normal

You can also use Dev clan tags such as RAIN, CYCL etc.

Prestige Menu
Play Sounds
Dev Mods
Visions Menu
Dead Cards Menu

[Virus Scan]( 68e977c699fc46/analysis/1348978975/)

Save Vault link

Do you have a video of the zombie menu?

Is this the menu that I’ve been helping you get the DVAR for?

TESTED AND WORKING nice savegame

Thanks for the positive feedback, glad you liked it :smile:

Can You Post A Video Of It? If Not Ill Still Test It

I will post a video tomorrow, my sister and her friends are playing the xbox right now :expressionless:

This works great. Iv been using this for a while now.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Good sensoring

From looking at the video, I personally believe this was made using Walker Neo’s CFG Modding Menu Generator. Nice menu, though! :smile:

I sent you a Voice Message

101% Legit works great, only problem I have is that keeps lagging me out of games Solo/Online??

Yeah, that tends to happen and I’m not sure why, I’m really sorry about that! :anguished:

Ahaa, no problem still really cool Menu,

-Updated to have a Save Vault link.
-Started working on V2 :smile:

Question, I followed all the steps, its not working!

how do you get the RAIN and CYCL clan tags?

You want to be absolutely sure you changed the right ID’s or else it will not work. Does it give you an error message or something?

You set your clan tag to one of those, then load up the save after you have already done all the steps in the post, then go into zombies and you’re ready to go :thumbsup: