Command & Conquer: Generals (Zero Hour) Cheats and Trainer for Origin

Command  Conquer: Generals
This is the official discussion topic of the Command & Conquer: Generals Trainer and Cheats in the WeMod app. Please post any suggestions, bug reports, or praise that you may have for the cheats in here!

Download Trainer

Download the trainer or find it in the WeMod app.

Trainer Options and Cheats:

1. Unlimited Health
2. Unlimited Power
3. Unlimited Resources
4. Unlimited Ability Points
5. Instant General Ability Cooldown
6. Instant Construction
7. Instant Recruiting


Supported Game Versions:

We strive to keep our trainers up to date with the latest game versions. WeMod automatically detects which version you have installed and activates the mods accordingly. So there’s no need to worry about which version of the game you have!

Updates and Changes:

  • 03/17/2022
    Started development

  • 03/17/2022
    Released trainer with 7 cheats

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The Command & Conquer: Generals cheats have been updated!


  • Released trainer with 7 cheats

So Im confused here. I am using Genlauncher for mods. I linked the trainer to the modded exe file but none of the cheats want to work. Did I do something wrong?

I am not able to get this to work. I push the hotkeys and it dings and then makes a weird sound.

yes! thats what I get as well

any attempt to launch tries the new EAplay ap and that doesnt have generals yet also trying to minimize Generals caused a blue screen crash so i dont know if this works with the new EAplay thing

Now we just need zero hour and to make sure they all work with mods with all the command and conquer games.

The trainer is useless it doesn’t work and crashes game

it doesn’t work

I’ve got the ultimate collection and these cheats don’t work on Generals.
On Zero hour, they just turn themselves off.
You cannot turn them on, without them instantly turning themselves off.


works good dose this work with base game not zero hour idk how to word it

can we have a 64 bit version support for the trainer ?

Ok. For all of you using GenLauncher for your mods you can run one mod at a time. BUT if you want to switch mods you have to cancel out the trainer. Close GenLauncher and restart it.

Run the mod you want first then alt-tab to wemod and start the trainer.

It will work with all mods. I tested it myself.

Attempting to play on Origin, Origin tells me to activate the game via CD key. If I run the game on Origin first and then press “play”, it finds the game but none of the cheats activate.

This is Zero Hour, by the way. But I’m also using GenTools.

Since Genlauncher has had an update, the trainer no longer works for any of my mods.

All but one cheat deactivates them self when launching the game
The cheats in question are
Unlimited Health
Unlimited Power
Unlimited Resources
Unlimited Ability Points
Instant Construction
Instant Recruting

I figured out why this wasn’t working for me, and likely for others; this set of mods is designed for Zero Hour, not the base game of Generals.

@SandKing87 So, it is working for you now? I still can’t get it to work even with zero hour.

does this work with genlauncher?

glad wemod still doesn’t care a year and a half later :^)