Connecting JTag Xbox 360 to the internet

Hi All,

Lately I bought a new Xbox 360 with JTAG mod.
The store that I bought the Xbox in installed for me “Freestyle” dashboard in order to run the games that I’m downloading.

Now it;s not clear to me, how and if I can connect the Xbox to the internet. I know that Microsoft automatically ban all Xboxs that are JTAGed … but I heard that there are many options to be sure that they will not be able to do so.

Can you please help me understand what I should do in order to connect my Xbox to the internet ?

Thanks in advance !

Nope, you can’t take them online for gaming. You’re just gonna have to stick with singleplayer games i’m afraid.

Thanks for the quick response, but if so then what’s the point in having weather updates in the freestyle dashboard in this case?
What was it created for ?

I also know that there is some different network like Xbox live just for modded consoles…how does it work in case I can’t connect my console to the net ?

Freestyle Dash blocks your Xbox from Xbox Live. I connected mine to the internet through the normal dashboard settings, changing the network settings to manual and adding my Xbox’s IP in. I’m not sure if this is the correct way to do it, but my console is online, I can retrieve the weather, get game artwork, title updates, control my console via my laptop, play online via xlink kai etc

I also added “livestrong = false” to the launch.ini file, but I don’t know if you’re supposed to. The best tutorials and most up to date info is on xbox360iso, the JTAG section on here isn’t great.

Edit: You can even take screenshots from your PC :smiley:

Thank you Elliot.
I will go over the guide that you suggested …
But just to make sure … after you connected your Xbox to the Internet … were you banned my Microsoft ? or you do not know ?

Well my JTAG was already banned. I’m fairly sure the latest FSD will protect you if you want to keep your console unbanned.

Open Me

Setting up your console

1: Attach your hard drive to your Jtagged Xbox 360, plug in your video cord, power supply, and a controller. Do not plug in any external USB hard drives at this time.

2: Power on your Jtagged Xbox 360. If you are already using dashlaunch to autoboot XexMenu or FSD, hold the right bumper to boot into the NXE dash.

3: Once the NXE has booted, go to System Settings, then select Console Settings. Select Language and Locale, Set your correct language and Location, then exit back to Console Settings.

4: Select Clock, then select Date and Time. Set your correct Date and Time then exit back to Clock Settings.

5: Select Time Zone and set your correct Time Zone, then exit back to Console Settings.

These options must be setup correctly for FSD to function properly. You may also want to take this time to make any other changes to your other system settings such as Display and Audio. When you are done, Go back to the main Menu.

6: Select Console Safety. Turn Console Safety ON. You will have to create a passcode if one is not already set.

7: Select Ratings and Content. Activating Console Safety changes the default settings for Ratings and Content, so now we’re going to correct those changes. You may change them however you see fit, but I recommend setting Ratings to All and Content to Allowed, then exit back to Console Safety.

8: Select Xbox Live Access. Set this to BLOCKED, then exit back to Console Safety.

9: Select Xbox Live Membership Creation. Set this to BLOCKED, then exit back to Console Safety.

10: Select Save and Exit.

Your console is now effectively blocked from accessing Xbox Live.

The last few points should keep your console from trying to access Xbox Live. Good luck and have fun :smile:

I read somewhere in the NET that even after blocking the console from accessing Xbox Live servers, Microsoft has some kind of a way to check if the console is modded … I hope it’s not true :\

It doesn’t really matter, JTAGs will never be on Xbox Live again anyway, even if they are, it won’t be sustainable.

that’s right but the question is … .can’t Microsoft “break” the console if it will find out that the console it modded ?

Should have done some research before buying your JTAG.

Got it as a present so I couldn’t.

I just thought that this forum is a place for people to help each other and not suggest things that are impossible.

Thanks anyway dude.

Pretty obvious, Microsoft goes to your house and breaks your jtag/ -_-

Don’t worry crasher666. If you have just ur jtag u will be exploring for weeks to come like everyone is when they first get one. U don’t need live because xlink Kai is getting bigger everyday. Connect your Xbox to Internet as normal but don’t sign into live. U can download all the updates and covers from fsd. Make sure you have the new one 3.0 and I believe dashlaunch 3.2. If you haven’t no worries just download it onto a flash drive via horizon and it will install automatically. Connect it up with x360 neighbourhood and you’ll soon be making trainers. And better still rte trainers. sooo much to do
Hope this helps and don’t be put off by some negative comments

Your thinking of a dev kit connecting to partner net and Microsoft “bricking” it.

Thank you very much! Your help is much appreciated.
Just one thing that I did not understand…what should I do with the flash drive? What I’d it for?

Sorry but I didn’t get what you mean can you please explain? And yes sorry for the spelling mistake I meant brick.

If you let ur Xbox format it for you then put fsd3.0 on via horizon then when u put it back I the Xbox in the quick play icon u can launch fsd. It will take u to an install screen where it will install automatically for u and highlight the dashlaunch if u want ur Xbox to launch straight from turning on the Xbox.
Hope you was talking to me but I replied anyway

Yes I was talking to you:)
But why would I need to format my Xbox? Currently I’m running fsd.

No u format the flash drive via the Xbox. But if u r running fsd then ur ok. As long as u r running fsd 3.0. If not, like I said just put it on ur flash drive using horizon (because horizon puts it in the correct place) and it will install both fsd and dashlaunch so the Xbox loads straight to fsd dashboard.
I just thought I would let u kow about xlink Kai and how to connect to Internet but not to Xbox live.

That’s sounds great. Thank you very much!
After ill connect my Xbox to the net I can just use xkai directly from the dashlaunch right?