Craftopia Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I am loving the cheats for Craftopia MrAntiFun! I was wondering if there would be an option added to modify enchantment points? Thank you!

Can we get unlimited slate of growth please?

i know the game was just updated, which is probably why this is happening, but most of the mods / cheats / options are no longer compatible, all but 3 turn themselves off.


– oddly, every single cheat / mod / option works while using mods from the steam workshop. ( i got 3 of them, one of them is the " mod loader ", then another which is the update for that " mod loader ", and then the other mod is one to deal with the performance issues coming from the dropped items / resources scattered about by converting close proximity ones of the same into singular stacks to collect. ).

hopefully this’ll help out other users somewhat that were also running into issues.