Cyberpunk 2077 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Unlimited components, quickhack components, and money don’t work.

Increasing amounts of instability detected:

  • unlimited items cheat stability degrading heavily
  • unlimited money cheat stability has completely degraded
  • If the player dies, aka flatlines, with cheats enabled the game will crash to desktop immediately
  • Advisory Notice: Stabilization needed immediately. If cheats are not stabilized, this could lead to the trainer becoming corrupted and unfixable.
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Hi @FLiNG ,

The cheats crash the game, forcing it to quit and flatline. And also the cheats codes reset itself back to its original setting not remembering the previous settings. Which causes the game to quit itself 3 -4 times.

Please help check and update the bugs.

Thank you.


Street cred is the only option not working everything else is fine

same problem it keeps flatlining

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just tried it today and it worked except what i did was open the game through steam, then once the launcher opened, i clicked play in wemod and then started the game in the launcher and the mods worked. im not sure if it works 100% of the time but i figured i’d add my discovery. best of luck mate

Same problem

The cheats crash the game, forcing it to quit. I tried to open the game through steam, but the same happens

Did you manage to fix it?


First of all, thank you for the trainer. I just wanted to point out that I have the game on Steam (even if the platform doesn’t deserve it, but hey, that’s not the topic) and I experienced crash to desktop with the message that Cyberpunk has made a flat line.

So I thought it was a problem with the game. Except that it seems to be a problem related to the trainer.

When I launch the game without the trainer, via Steam, once I reach the main menu, I quit and no error message. Reproduced several times, never an error message.

Launching the game via WeMod, however, whether or not I have activated any of the trainer options, the flat line error message appears every time I exit.

I haven’t checked on the gameplay yet, I usually get a desktop return with flat line message after a few minutes or when opening the interface like the map. In short, it does seem that cheats in WeMod, or even WeMod itself, is causing Cyberpunk 2077 to crash. In version 1.6 of course.

EDIT : After trying to play for 4 hours straight without leaving the game, all is stable without WeMod. So, I can tell that it’s not related to the app, I have tried with the standalone trainer available on Fling’s site and it’s the same, CTD after some time. Without trainer at all, no CTD. So, if we can have a fix it would be really cool ! That being said, even if we experience some issues, it’s always great 98% of the time and again, I say thank you to trainers makers.

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Exactly the same problem here. Thanks for detailing this.

No problem! I have added some details after some more testing. It seems it’s not related to WeMod but more to the cheats or the way it’s made. No trainer and no cheats and the game works perfectly fine.

You’re right. I thought the same thing. Yesterday I played for a few hours without WeMod and it worked just fine. Even with WeMod program open, just open, no cheats activated, no problems at all. However, if you activate the cheat the game crash :worried:

Hope they fix, I was trying the PC version - thanks steam promotion - but I am too lazy to go through the same things agaaaaaain

Well, thank you so much, I thought we were alone souls with a game crashing

It’s good to have more than one feedback that comes to the same conclusion, there are many isolated cases and it allows to eliminate them in favor of a precise identification. At first, I thought it was a problem with the game, the 1.5 patch had caused quite frequent CTD so I had the idea to try it. That you see the same thing will help Fling to solve the problem I think. However, I haven’t tried it with other standalone trainers yet but I prefer to avoid, since WeMod, it avoids the use of isolated software that could contain malware even if false positives are often mentioned. Let’s hope that Fling sees our feedbacks and that it can help. I was the same, pretty sure that I can be alone in this situation. I will play the game without the trainer for now but yes, I got what you mention about doing the game again, especially when you manage to beat difficult moments and you have to do it all again. Maybe you already know it, but it seems there is a crossplatform saves compatibility. Maybe that can prevent you to start all over again ?

I have a question because I still investigate and I just find something that can be the real issue.
Do you use ReShade ? And more exactly the 5.4.2 version ?

Because if it’s the case, you should be aware that this version of ReShade cause UI map CTD with flatlines. I just downgrade to ReShade 4.9.1 and don’t have any CTD anymore on the map.

So, maybe we were wrong from the beginning and that is not an issue from WeMod cheats but from ReShade. So if you use it too…

Just another trail.

Again only for premium(PRO) user?

havent found a single WEMOD cheat that is free to use. i need PRO for all of my games

All mods in WeMod are free to use.

Well for example: police simulator you need pro to use it. Can’t activate them

Skills instant cooldown instead of making the skills cooldown instantly it skips the ability such as sandevistan only activating for a split second

u cant use the buttons unless you have pro member ship you have to use the keybinds associated with them

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it didn’t do that for me