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Dark Souls 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


I just wanted to let you know that the jailers (Dudes with hot branding iron and lantern in Irithyll Dungeon) can kill you even when unlimited health is on. The smoke takes away health and the hot irons do the rest.


Same problem as MrFuneral,i thought i was going crazy x_X.And also,after a while the trainer stops working,need to spam toggle for 2-3 mins until it works again. game version 1.12


Game has anticheat which deactivates the cheats.


Not sure if people are here or not for this and not sure if it’s a bug or something you can’t change. But when using this (btw thank you very much. I freaking love it besides this one bug) my level will stay at 1. Or whatever I set it too with the cheat. I can only level and progress the game/my character through the cheat. It locks me at my 10 stats and level 1.


Yeah it works through infinity (you can inc/dec your level with it). Not sure why you would want to through game anyway if you can adjust your level at will lol


Nononono I know it works. But it’s ALWAYS ON. Will not ever change to off or anything like that. nad the reason why i want to level up in game is because im using it to get used to the game again, have fun and mess around with the game. BUT when im done doing that, i still wanna take my char online and play with people without being banned. Cause i only wanna level legit, and use real souls i collect. I just (ATM) don’t wanna out in a ton of effort as i already did that recently with Bloodborne. Haha.


I guess long story short. I understand there are per-say. “on” and “off” features. Pretty much for this game mainly increase/decrease or just leave it alone so it never changes in your game. But is there anyway to turn entire sections off?

Oh. and i found an other little bug or something. Forgot to mention in my last post. Always item drops is super random. has to be toggled on and off constantly to actually make all the enemies drop there gear/items.


I don’t know if someone else has said but The “unlimited consumable” isn’t working . is there a way to fix it?


I can say for sure it doesn’t work at all for me. I try and turn it on and it turns off instantly.


Can I use this trainer in online mode?




sorry i have a question … i tried to launch the game both from here and by steam but the trainer does not work … i also tried removing the antivirus but it does not work the same … always keeping the offline … Where am I wrong?


What error do you get?


no mistake … I just don’t hear the sounds of the cheats and they haven’t effect … I removed the antivirus I started the game first by steam and then crushed play by inifinity but nothing happens … maybe I’m wrong base … reading the comments of other users I have seen that they all have problems with the cheats in themselves while I just don’t go … so i don’t know what i’m wrong … i hope you can tell me what to do to fix … thank you


And when I close the game I always get the message “we had trouble loading the cheats in your game. Restart the game or crush help”


in installing the trainer I get this error
CheckForUpdateImpl: Failed to load local releases, starting from scratch: System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Impossibile trovare una parte del percorso ‘C:\Users\Tommaso\AppData\Local\WhatsApp\packages\RELEASES’.
in System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath)


Disable/delete your antivirus.


Hi. I’m having an issue that with the cheat engine on when I consume souls to level up it will not. So if I level up from 6 to 7 when I exit level up screen it will still be level 6.


Yeah it works through infinity (you can inc/dec your level with it). Not sure why you would want to through game anyway if you can adjust your level at will lol