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Dark Souls 3 Cheats and Trainer


Is there an option for you to vote for an update?


Yes, the Unlimited Consumables Option


i have this issue… “we’re having trouble downloading the cheats”… is that temporary or do i need to change something?


Sometimes the infinite health, stamina and fp just stop working only to kick back on later. It can be a few seconds later or it can be a minute or two. I’m not sure what causes it. Unlimited consumables never stays on and enemies don’t always drop loot with the loot drop option on. I have noticed that with unlimited health you can still die from attacks that “one shot” you. Every time I fought the black knight/crab in road of sacrifices they had moves that could kill me. A quick solve to this was to just boost my vigor to 99 and I would no longer die from those attacks.


Game has anticheat. It turns the cheat off (refreshes the memory). The trainer counters this and turn them back on


but how do i fix the sign that pops up when i press play in the software … “we’re having trouble downloading the cheats”???


Disable your antivirus and add wemod to its exception list.

Reinstall wemod.


@STN Hello, first of all great trainer, but I just have one question. Will I be caught cheating if my Steam is online, but I go offline in the main menu of the game? Thank you very much.


No. As long as you dont play the game online. My steam is always online. Just can’t use the trainer in an online game. Steam is fine


Thanks dude! This might be a bit of a stupid question, but if my steam is online and my game is offline, can I still get achievements?


Wait hold up, how do I go offline again? When my Steam is in offline mode, there is an option in the game menu that allows me to log on, but if Steam is online I can’t go offline in the game?


Just leave steam online. And play the singleplayer version of the game not online
And you can cheat some more with S.A.M. steam achievement manager


How do I turn single player version offline though? In the main menu there is a “log on” option if I’m offline, but I don’t know how to go offline.


Never mind, I figured it out lol


Hey @STN the rest of the features work great, but the “always drop loot” option seems to never work. Is it just for me or are other people reporting this as well? If others are experiencing this, is it possible for you to fix it? Thanks in advance dude, your trainers really are the best.