Dark Souls II Save Editor

A simple save editor, it’s pretty straight-forward. Let me know if you encounter any problems or errors.

Tutorial (Version 2.3):

Download + Source Code (C#):

Text Tutorial (Version 2.3):

1. Extract your Dark Souls II save to your computer.
(Should be called -GAME_0000) 

2. Open save in the Save Editor.

3. Modify whatever characters you want.

4. Click the 'Get KV' button to generate a Keyvault in the directory and then click save.
(Used for resigning & rehashing the save. You will only have to do this once, unless you delete the KV.)

5. Replace old Dark Souls II save with modified save.

6. Enjoy modifications!

This is awesome! I just got into the game due to friends playing it online and found out that new patch made all the old saves not work. With the smallest amount of work possible I just made a save and modded it a bit with this and have been playing online no problem. If anyone gets that “failed to save game” error just quit and save at a bonfire and reload. It fixes it. ty ty much love :thumbsup:

Version 1.3 has been uploaded!

This update contains:
-Ability to edit name
-Ability to modify sin level
-Ability to add items (Upgrade items, all resins, human effigy, herbs, bonfire ascetics, covenant items)
-Fixed some bugs

Let me know if you encounter any errors / glitches.

Not working for me. The editor says invalid file when i try to open my saved game in the actual editor.

Are you sure you’re trying to open the proper User_Data file that you extract from the contents folder of your save? You don’t extract your full save and open that with the editor, that could be your problem. If you need more help post back. Good luck.

Had no idea you planned on updating that’s awesome! Keep up the work and thank you again :smile:

Their is a better editor i use its by jappie88

Thanks for the feedback. :smile:

I know, I never said this was the best editor. It was more of a fun project for me. Thanks.

They ever make, or have one where you can get Infinite health yet?
Without a Modded Xbox.

No but i hear that on 360heaven that idelhands88 has made a GDP editer i havent tryed it out but you can look it up…and also on the save editer i use from Jappii he has added alot and you can edit items and he just added the two new DLC items and such but still no unlimited health and such

It keeps saying “object already exists”

When are you getting the error? When you try opening the file or when you hit save?

How do you properly extract the save? Because my save says “-GAME_0000” So Im unsure

  1. Open -GAME_0000 in Horizon
  2. Go to content.
  3. Extract USER_DATA0# (obviously replace the # with your character’s number)
  4. Mod.
  5. Replace same file and rehash and resign -GAME_0000

How do you get this to work with Horizon, In horizon i have my save but if i try to do it from the window from the save editor the save doesnt show up

It shows up in my files but in the save editor when i click on open and click on the folder where it should be it doesnt appear ive been doing this for an hour and have tried several other editors and they all dont work i just want to get back to the game

You have to extract the USER_DATA file from inside your save to a folder and it should show up in the save editor. After modifying the USER DATA file you just replace the old one in the save and save it in horizon. The video shows you in less than a minute.

It says corrupted save file for me when I try to bring it back onto the xbox.

Did you rehash/resign the save after re-injecting the user_data?

Now do be cautious when useing a editor for dark souls 2 you can be banned cause i was banned cause i signed into my modded save by mistake and got hit with a instant ban