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Darkest Dungeon Cheats and Trainer for Steam


i think it need is and update but i’m greeted to this every time i try. my game isn’t modded ether, but i thought i’d tell you guys cause no trainers are working.


I’d try starting the game manually then ALT-Tabbing and selecting play in WeMod


This keeps popping up whenever I try and use We Mod with the game


Are you using a DLC? If so, which one?


Using all the DLC. As well as some mods.


@mryianni can you upload your game’s exe somewhere?


How do I do that?



Zip it and upload it via mediafire, google drive, …



@mryianni I’ll work on it tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: your exe is fine, I’m pretty sure your mods are causing it


Ok lemme check them. Thanks for the help


Ya like stingerr said other mods do and will effect the trainer from here
Omg I ment REPPIN sorry buddy !


@ptondo Blacklisted! :stuck_out_tongue: