Dead Island Mod Tool's

Just open your save, mod it, save and replace on memory unit, no need to extract, no need to rehash and resign tool does it for you. Made a video for everyone who does not know how to work program. Rep goes out to 360 Haven. And to Jappi88, Buddah/Coma and kill_seth for making tools.


Dead Island Editor V1.9

Open Me

Dead Island v1.9

Virus Scan[/details]

Dead Island Inventory Editor

This is for the stuff that Jappi88’s editor does not have yet.

[details=Open Me]

Inventory Editor

Virus Scan

Minor Bug With This

If you edit your save and save the file, but go to edit it again and no changes show, go into Jappi88’s Editor, load the save, mod something of your choice, save it and open it in inventory editor and everything should be fine.

MxS Dead Island Editor v1.5

[details=Open Me]

MxS Dead Island Editor

Virus Scan

If your inventory shows weird characters DO NOT MOD your save.
Instead, upload it and send kill_seth the link so he can look at it.


  1. Edit Level (Up or Down, Max 50)
  2. Edit Money (Max 999,999,999)
  3. Edit All Inventory Items (Max 90,000,000)
  4. Instant File Back-up

Have you asked the creator to see if your allowed to share this ?

Yip, he doesnt mind as long as i said who made it

Very Nice

Ok cool :smile:

nice now only if i had some for pc.

No Sorry Only For Xbox

Sweet man, im having some trouble in one area wondering if anyone could help me out, ive modded up 2000000 xp and its put me around lvl 46, is there no way of deleveling yourself? Trying to do so, its even confirming it in the modder, as soon as i load it on the xbox, it automaticly reverts to lvl 46.
Any ideas or help?

Try putting your xp to 0 and your level to what you want and if that doesnt work there will be a update soon for the mod to fix it

Tryed that, no joy, just reverts over and over, tryed on this modder, the previous version and theres another one thats pretty basic that ive tried too, not working. Its mainly so i can get the skill points, delevel, level again and more points and delevel again to do from the start of the game.
Would be handy if someone makes a skillpoint mod or if they add one to their current modder.

No matter what you do your skill points will not go above the maximum amount which the game is set to so your wasting your time trying

Ah right cheers man, so is there no way of getting the maximum level to get the skill points for the abilitys, then delevel?

you can still go to level 50

Jappi did say there was a way to edit the skill tree; just now a way to give yourself skill points. Hopefully V1.7 will bring this to light. Personally, I’m just wanting to see if there’s a way to add weapons to your inventory.

Yeah hopefully and i can add guns to your inventory via my JTAG im actually doing it now for some one over at 360haven

I CAN"T make any weapons appear that are higher quality than white

Cool beans :thumbsup: have you found the infinite stamina on the dev menu yet ?

Cannot find anything about it, and i ment CANT not Can, editing post

Sweet. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I’m hoping this will be possible without a JTag.

This is a pretty sweet mod man I might have a try at it nice :smiley: