Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 - Save Editor

How to use:

  1. Put your Save on Computer.
  2. Open the Save in Horizon and extract the ups.dat from the CON.
  3. Open the extracted file with my editor.
  4. Then replace the save in the CON with the modded one.
  5. Inject the CON back to your device and play.


Have fun and report all bugs.

New version with pictures are uploaded

Have fun

NUDE?! :open_mouth:

New version with pictures are uploaded

i did as you said and it did not read my ups.dat file when i opened it up. what did i do wrong? please help. i downloaded the editor correctly and it will not read the file. i have the game save on my flash drive. what do i do?

There is a “nude” mod?
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This is not working for me bro, the program quite every time…Heeelllllppp :smiley: thank you for this…

Well, seeing how you can’t even get the decency to actually type the errors you’re getting, I can’t help that much.

What OS are you running? —
Are you running administrator? – Shouldn’t matter if you’re using Windows XP.
Is your .NET Framework up-to date? If not, update it to 4.0

Any other questions feel free to reply back.

Does this tool work? Lazy to get off BT5 and boot up Windows to test this. :laughing:

EDIT: Got it to work, found this thread using google which is much more active and breaks everything down.

I finally got it to mod, but the game picks up in the hotel and when I go to bed the game freezes. But I can visit the casino, inventory, collections… Any ideas?

Can you send me your backup and modded save? I will check them and look whats the problem. thanks.

I’ve been trying to use this editor for my save file. I’ve been able to make changes and load the game, but when I try to play, if I go in to the inventory, the swimsuit section is completely full. There are no images, but each slot is registered as having an item in it, and if you scroll through the names are a string of random characters. There is also an item that appears in the items section that does the same thing, but if you highlight it the game freezes. I’ve tried several times to get this to work and the same thing happens each time.

I can send you the modded ups file I have, if you need it.

I been trying mine for a while and no luck is this for NTSC game version and not work for PAL?

New version with pictures are uploaded

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Hey, new to the site and modding as a whole, does doing this net you the achievements?

I just want to say MILLION AND ONE thanks to Philymaster for this amazing tool, it works like a charm. I’ve had around 1/3 of the game unlocked since 3 or 4 years back, and I’d recently went nostalgic and decided to play it again. Man oh man, even with the sign out exploit it was hard to gift them swimsuits and stay sane at the same time :wink:.

I was a bit suspicious it might not work (never used Horizon before), but boy was I wrong. No problems whatsoever. < 3

I’ve been playing the PAL version ever since, and can confirm that it works 101%.

Yes it does. I had around 40% achieved, yesterday I tried the tool, unlocked all swimsuits and (automatically got) virtual pictorials for the other 4 or 5 girls that had been locked. The achievements didn’t pop out immediately, I had to create new vacation for every girl, play until the end of the first day and check in to a hotel. From there on I reviewed the collection and made sure every suit was in it - and went to bed. And voila! (this is the same for when you play the ‘legit way’, you always have to put them inside your collection and wait untill you go to sleep to grab the achievement).

I’d also like to point out that I never use the XBL service, and I don’t believe it’s smart to use this save editor if you play on LIVE regularly.

hi whats up anyway i tried using the doax editor and it won’t read the save data
and i don’t know what im doing wrong

What am I doing wrong here? I’ll list what I’m doing, but when I load the game up, it acts as though the save file is blank…

1> Ftp the save from console to pc (ups.dat, 108kb)
2> Extract the file with Horizon to a new file (ups.dat 50kb)
3> Run it though editor (it reads the save ok, and seems to edit things fine, click save then close
4> FTP the editted save file back over to console overwriting the original save (replacing the 108kb with the 50 kb???)
5> Load up the game, but it starts me off with a new game

Thanks for any help

After extracting the 50kb file using Horizon then modding it, after modding it make sure you put that 50kb file back into the 108kb file (the container file) - then rehash & resign and put it back on your xbox

Random question… why do all suits I add appear as tickets in the game? I can’t even send em to the collection.