Dead space 2 Game saves

Hey guys. i want to know how to put Game saves for dead space 2, i’ve been trying to use horizon but i cant, it doesn’t work, if anyone can help me i would appreciate it very much

So Horizon won’t open at all or are the game saves not able to be accessed in Horizon?

Yeah, i can Open the Game saves in horizon and i can do all the process (I open the save in horizon, put the ID of my profile, console, refresh and save and save the data in the USB) but when i start the Game theres no Game saves, If there’s something that I am doing wrong or if there is another process, I would really appreciate it if you could help me

Ok. Only worry about the Profile ID. Put your profile ID in, then do “Save Rehash & Resign”. Now save it to your USB drive. When you put it back in your 360 you can either move it to your hard drive or leave it on the USB drive. You need to remember which one it’s on so when you start the game you select the proper save location, hard drive or USB drive.

Is this the game save you’re trying to use:

ok, i’m going to try in that way and yes, i’m actually trying to use that one and others

Ok. Well that one says that you may need a Dead Space 1 save & a Dead Space Ignition save present on your drive for the game to load the Dead Space 2 save.

Well i try in that order and i have Game saves from ds1 and ignition but it doesnt work, all of the games saves are damaged and the other Game save that i’m trying to use doesnt appear

To be clear here, you do have the profile with matching profile ID on the 360 you’re trying to use these saves on correct?

I’ve used 100s of saves like the Dead Space 2 one you have. All you need to do is change the profile ID to the same as the profile that’s on your console, save rehash & resign, and throw the save back on your storage device and it will work. But there are those certain saves that need DLC present, or sometimes title update, etc… to show up and work.

Usually when it shows as damaged on 360 it’s because it isn’t tied to a profile on any of that console’s connected storage devices.

Also, it sounds like you’ve been trying a lot and might have a bunch of saves on your USB drive & 360’s main storage drive. Try formatting your USB drive so it’s empty and ready for 360 use. Check storage on your 360 and make sure you don’t already have damaged or duplicate saves of the ones you want to use, so delete them all and start fresh.

I noticed a comment at the link for the dead space 2 where someone says you don’t need ds1 or ignition saves. So try only signing the ds2 save to your profile and then throw just that on your 360 with matching profile and see how it works out.

I try everything, i follow the instrucctions step by step, i have the dlcs, Game saves from the last two games, the last title update, i erase all the Game saves and i try just with one of them, i use a new USB, i use another profile but nothing works, idk what happen but it seems like it never going to work, maybe is something relatade with the Game

So you’re telling me every save you sign to your profile shows up as damaged on the console where your profile exists? Even for other games?

If that’s the case you must be doing something wrong or they’re becoming damaged/corrupted somehow after you sign them to your profile with Horizon.

It’s really a very simple process to get done successfully if done correctly.

If your profile is an Xbox Live profile you may want to try deleting it and re-downloading from Xbox Live.

I just searched the site. Here is a topic where I helped someone get Minecraft saves working. Just follow the instructions I gave her: It's my first time - help please with minecraft map

Only those of the save package from the link you sent me appear damaged, the other saves dont appear, I have tried with other games and it works correctly, the only one with which I have a problem is with dead space 2, I even downloaded one from dead space 3 and it works, I know it’s a simple process but I don’t know what happens with this game