Devil May Cry 5 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

the trainer is awesome! I’m new to wemod but would like to support this instead of shitty “cheat happens”. I wanted to request a few options for the trainer which are “infinite jumps”, “infinite sky star” for dante which is his dash move when in trickster style and “neros devil bringer instant charge”.

Please, is it possible to add one-hit kos to enemies? Just to beat “hell and hell” mode.
And thank you for your hard work.

Sorry for the double post, but I just want to let you people know that God mode and Unlimited Devil Trigger Time Extension doesn’t work on the very last battle in mission 7, at least not while using V. Unilimited Devil Trigger kinda works: it goes down, but as soon as it’s empty, it replenish completely.

Probably the cause is the co-op, but it’s strange since those options works in mission 13.

I found an issue with the trainer, with Nero and one of the cheats, not sure which one, or if it is the trainer itself, sometimes when switching to Nero in one of his missions with the trainer/cheats active will cause him to be unable to shoot, everything else works just fine except this. I tested this when it happened to me for the third or fourth time with Nero. At first I thought it was my controller, I ruled that out quickly, then I thought it was the game itself, then just when it happened again now I quit and went into the training mode with Nero, still not firing his gun, then I turned off the trainer, then he could shoot again… it is one of the cheats with the trainer I think causing this, or the trainer itself.

Found out the triggers stop working and it is an issue with the trainer itself and any game, not just DMC 5 I played DMC 5 with the trainer for a while, then quit and played Fallout 4, all the sudden in the middle of playing Fo4 my triggers stopped working on my xbox one controller, exited my game in Fo4 I didn’t quit Fo4 entirely and stopped the trainer then reloaded my Fo4 save again, and the triggers worked again.

@frank possible bug with WeMod?

I have used wemod for about 3 years with an xbox one controller and played multiple games and never encounter any problems what so ever like this

Maybe it’s a glitch but if you turn on God mode in the prologue and kill the demon then the game acts like you beat the whole thing, rolls credits and unlocks the achievement for completion. Kinda sad… means i can’t use God mode till after the prologue i guess???

Welcome to the community @rclear77.

I have not played this game, but this seems to be the case.
There are many games where it’s advised not to turn on any cheats until after the initial prologue (or tutorial) stage of the game (ie - Most of the Bioshock games, all the Metro Redux games, etc). As there may be issues such as not being able to advance. It’s one of the things we dirty cheaters have to live with, especially when games were not intended to be cheated.

This is not a glitch. Since Urizen is the main enemy of the game, the game has an easter egg that allows you to beat it at the prologue if you beat him there. The entire game is dedicated to defeating Urizen. Not a glitch, just an easter egg.
So, in short, congratulations. You beat the game.

any chance for the windows 10 version to pop up on here?

need update for this game it is crash when activeat the trainer


the game crash give us update


Yeah, the game is crashing when we jump in. Please update this. (Edit: Cheats do not work for Vergil.)


You forgot Virgil Concentration and Devil Sin sir​:cry::cry::cry:

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Omg, ty. This topic needs more attention.


There was a request for update option on this yesterday, which I voted a couple of times and it is gone now. Is this trainer being updated? The Virgil DLC update basically crashes the game with the mod active.


trainer not compatible with the character vergil the latter crashes the game when using the unlimited devil trigger


Trainer no longer works since the Vergil dlc.
Update please :sunglasses::crossed_fingers:t2::pray:t2:

And Vergil could use some cheats of his own, like his unlimited Devil Trigger, Sin Devil Trigger, and Concentration.

Also… could a one-hit kill cheat be added? Some of these enemies have annoyingly high health, even on lower difficulties…

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