Dishonored 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Any chance for this trainer for the GOG version? It was a give-away lately so I guess a lot of people might like this …

It technically wasn’t a giveaway, since you still had to pay for Amazon Prime to get it, a giveaway implies being absolutely free of any costs. :slight_smile:

Anyway - Trainers are made or updated based on the game’s current popularity on that particular platform within the whole WeMod community. You can find out how to declare your interest in the game on GOG here: Game Queue.

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Wish this one had unlimited blink/far reach range like the first one. Had so much fun just jumping from enemy to enemy from stupid distances.

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IS the infinite ammo cheat making runes infinite because the game saw runes as ammunition somehow fixed? Id prefer if ammo cheats changed ammo and rune cheats only changed runes and not the ammo.

so it possible for any future updates? as i have a few things i like to see

We need infinite items like dishonored 1s trainer had. Rewire tools are ■■■■■■■ useless due to how scarce they are, like the game didint want them to exist but had to throw them in anyways, and I’m tempted to never use them again even if i do find them. Mind you, this is on MEDIUM, not HARD, not VERY HARD, MEDIUM. If Rewire tools are almost non-existent why put them in the damn game if we’re expected to never use them when we can just fire infinite bolts at a wall of light to drain its whale oil tank,etc? Shouldint have to use a premium bought trainer on cheat-happens which has infinite items/rewire tools on it to make rewire tools themselves USEFULL. Yea, CH sucks. they ip banned me from their website either cause I dislike their premium only bullshit where u have to pay monthly fees to use half or more of their trainers they either made for free then charged for, or stole off of somebody else and rereleased it as theirs. And on another note, why is mentioning their site banned if WeMod has an APP and the trainers arent hosted on the forums anyways plus they’re all free? Genuine question. Heres another reason to not use CH. Happen to be paying for a trainer? Well if the admins their get salty and decide to punish you, you lose access to a product/service you paid for, aka fraud.

The cheats actually work with the Steam demo too, which is kinda cool. Well all except the invisibility, from what I could tell. Didn’t test that one very much though.

All work great from what I can tell other than invisibility, Old trainer but could that be fixed at some point please?

You need infinite AMMO NOT RUNES. Apparently runes are somehow ammo??

Now all we need is infinite traits and infinite rewire tools and this will officially be pefection.

Hey you all, just checking in if infinite bend time is a possibility or if it has been ruled out. There is a Cheat Engine Table that does this and works okayish, but I’d prefer to use wemod.

is there a chance to add a high and low chaos button?

I’d imagine a cheat to adjust chaos would be game-breaking, considering the level of chaos is connected to the choices you make in the storyline and how many people you kill. :slight_smile:

actually it works perfectly, i used it with cheat engine and it had no issue. well using two cheat Engines took a toll on my computer but thats something else XD. bnut beside that its fun as heck being murderous and having nice ending or pacifist and get bad ending really fun. would fun to have the cheat here so i dont have to two at once and tank my poor ram XD

Is there a reason there’s cheats for Steam, but not for Epic Games? Normally, I’d just do the custom pathway and do it like that, but here it doesn’t work. It turns on normally, but the cheats always just click off immediately. It works neither on Epic Games, nor when the game is cracked? Any way someone could make it work?

We do not condone illegal acts of piracy and do not make trainers to work with pirated versions.

Trainers are made based on the current popularity of the game within the entire WeMod community. It’s a democratic system that ensures we spend our resources on the things people want and will use the most.

In short, if there’s no trainer for a game on a specific platform, it’s because the game on that platform is not popular enough amongst WeMod’s millions of active users.

See how it works and how you can show your interest in a specific trainer here:

If you have played the game for less than 2 hours, you can get a refund from the Epic store and rebuy the game on Steam. Or with a cheap Steam key, such as:

Is there a reason for rewire tools not being infinite?

Is there any chance of adding an unlimited blink range like the trainer for the first game?