Disney Dreamlight Valley Cheats and Trainer for Steam

but why? not everyone has money for that or wants to spend money on that …

careful with time travel exploits, this game can permanently lock your save out of time related things and people who play a legit version of the game without cheat apps like wemod had to restart their whole game because of that (including people who traveled and updated their clock accordingly).

a cheat for the coins game with mickey please!

Because that is called theft, We are a real business out of the USA and we do not break the law.

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not only would it be illegal, but also it would be impossible because in order to use your moonstone you have to connect to internet, and then there’s a check to see if you got them legally, so the game would update your moonstone count to what it really is, not what you cheated it to be.

I think adding a cheat to restart your star coins would be great since now you can’t use the money cheat since the creators of the game have prevented it from working properly.

I made the mistake and now my star coins are in the negative and I really don’t want to have to start a new game.

I made this icon (weirdly it’s in my computer at the .ico format, and here this website uploaded it as a .png, so you’ll have to find a conversion tool) to put on the shortcut you can make with wemod to start the game. Feel free to use it for yourself (right click on the shortcut, properties, change icon)

The Money/Dreamlight/Mist Multipliers are not working for me. The sliders won’t move when pressing the hotkey, even if I assign a different key. Is this a known issue?

I did have the problem, then I settled for “don’t decrease” + “easy gain”, both together made it very easy to get enough dreamlight to buy everything I needed, if this can be a good workaround for you?

is there a way to make the [wemod shortcut to run ddv] run as administrator so it doesn’t ask me all the time to be allowed to do modifications? The ddv.exe file that I gave wemod to launch is running as admin, and so is the wemod.exe file. the url shortcut doesn’t have a compatibility tab to change how it’s running.

Same! I’m so sad. I’m not sure if there is anything we can do on our end except wait for a fix?


We need a update for Items Won’t Decrease because some items are use


Hi! Great mod!
Is it possible to request a “Wake Villagers” mod please?
I can only play at night, and it’s quite annoying that I miss a lot of the villagers being awake and the Valley is always on nightime :frowning:


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Hello! I’ve only used WeMod for 10 days and I have nothing to complain so far, although I did notice that a few time my star coins decreased when I shopped at Scrooge’s even though it shouldn’t have. But I noticed something else too. With the items in my inventory, if I do anything that only takes one item or less than the quantity that I have, the items don’t decrease. But if sell all the items I have then they disappear from my inventory. For example if I have 5 topaz gems and I give one to a villager as a gift or I sell one or more but not all 5 of them, then they stay in the inventory. But if I sell them all, then they disappear. And that’s actually the condition for the cheat to work, the decreasing amount has to be less than the owned amount. I hope it makes sense. I wrote all this because I saw people complaining about their items decreasing and I thought I should point this out. But if your items decrease even when they shouldn’t, then it might actually be a bug and hopefully it will be fixed with a future update. Anyway, have fun playing everyone! :blush:

It would be great if we could get an option to at least be able to get into their homes when they sleep and they could just be like, in a rabbit hole or something. I remember when I had to get something from Anna’s house for a quest and I couldn’t because Kristoff was sleeping. Now, I don’t know if that’s a thing or it just happens in my game, but I noticed that for the houses that are shared by 2 characters (or 3), even if one character is sleeping, if the other one who lives there is inside the house, you can get inside too. It happened to me when I was doing a quest where I had to interact with something inside Simba and Nala’s house. Nala was sleeping, but I was still able to go inside because Simba was inside as well. And not only that, when I went inside, Nala wasn’t sleeping anymore, but once I did my business there and left the house, she went right back to sleep. Anyway, what I actually wanted to say before I got carried away is that there’s an option to toggle between day and night. You go to settings and then to Graphics tab and scroll all the way to the bottom and you’ll find it there. It doesn’t change time or anything, it’s not going to mess your game up, it’s just visual. You can simply make it so that it is day or night in your game depending on your needs and mood. Hope that helps at least a bit. Have fun playing! :wave:

Hi, I use the Max Friendship and it automatically maxed my character level to 40. Now though my level bar has decreased to the lowest level and since the game thinks I am at level 40 I can’t increase it back up. Anything I can do?

So no help at all? Now what? Restart my game again because someone doesn’t want to help me with a mod they created that breaks peoples game?

PEOPLE: Please DO NOT use Max Friendship! It WILL break your game!!!

This is a game bug, not a WeMod bug. If you google the issue you will find it has been happening for over a year. Your XP goes past the max and overflows to negative. My suggestion is to use cheat engine and manually edit your XP.

hello I am new to wemod pro I have a question it will have the update of dreamlight valley how does it work? Are you going to update it or not? ps you are great to train and just great