Does gamestop check to see if a console is banned? Close

was wondering if they like hook up the console to live and see if it’s banned. I know they check for red ring but this one doesn’t have that so yeah haha. preferably like an answer from someone who has sold a banned xbox to gamestop or attempted or from someone who has/does work there.

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They check for red ring? All mine i’ve traded in they just take them. Don’t even ask if they are RROD or not. So I would have to say no they don’t check if they are banned or not.

tbh last time i sold a xbox to gamestop was last year and all they did was hook it up and put a game in to see if it ran.
they didNOT try to connect to xboxlive nor anything like that^.

No but when they check if it works and a message comes up on the dashboard and it says its banned that wont take the Xbox.

When I traded in my banned console, they plugged it in, turned it on, saw that it didn’t have red rings, and took it from me.

On the Pamphlet I read when I went at midnight this morning it says in small letters “must meet all system checks” or something similar… So my guess is they will probably test it.

On the other hand, you won’t get in trouble if they check and see its banned… Just say you didn’t know

The ban message only comes up when you try to connect to live.

They don’t test live but don’t bring it up that “it’s not banned”. :smile:

If they do connect to live, oh well. Try another store.

I have traded in banned consoles numerous times to Gamestop. They will test to see if it can play games, if it has any fan issues (loudness = bad), if it is red ringed, and thats just about it. They don’t check a console ban, although they really should.

kind of a di*k move dont chu think? i mean, yeah u get something out of a 360 that cant do anything with but SOME poor bastard is likely to get stuck with it and NOBODY likes having to go thru the exchange/refund process…

It’s ****ed up to trade in a banned console. Just think, you’re ****ing over the next person to buy it. You don’t care, but think of this: If you bought a banned console you’d be pissed off.

I actually emailed GameStop a while back and suggested they implement a new rule and set up everything so they can hook it up to LIVE and check to see if it’s console banned.

nah, if you just give it to them, they plug it in to check for rrod, play a game, and make sure the disc drive isnt broken, then pay you for it

The person who bought it just has to return it…

it must be nice to immediately think “oh, just take it back. GS is only about 5 minutes away…” my CLOSEST gamestop is about 25-30 minutes away and if i got screwed with a banned console id be pretty livid. this is a classic scenario of putting yourself in the other guys shoes. if its an issue like that, buy a new system from walmart, swap the shells and return it; you get a new system, lose NO money and poor joe schmo doesnt get screwed buying yiur old system and it becomes the manufacturers issue in the end…

This is essentially the same thing, someone is still getting screwed over, personally i dont see what the big deal is, if he can get away with it good luck to him, weather Gamestop is 5 mins away or 30 mins away for the next person, it is Gamestop the person will be angry with, and it is their fault for not checking the system correctly.

just my 2 cents.

k well idgaf about the other person. and yes I’m a d*ck. if I got one that’s banned I would just go back and tell them

anyways I traded it in and got 130 for it from their black Friday trade in deal so yeah I couldn’t be more happier haha ad like I said sucks for the other person but not my problem

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Microsoft is in partnership with gamestop so I believe that Gamestop will call Microsoft about unbanning the xbox360.

Don’t go buying those accounts and uploading anymore :wink:

just traded one in not to long ago all they checked was to see if it worked ok dude played it for like 10min

Just don’t leave any of your accounts on your xbox and it should at least make it harder for them.