Does WeMod contain any suspicous malware?

I know that in the website page it says that WeMod is fully funded by the people who subscribe to Pro, and I have done some reading for it being a false positive. I am using windows defender, and seen many people having trojans injected in their computers through WeMod, I am just confirming if this is really just a false possitive or something I should be worried about. P

I’ve used wemod for over two years, across a variety of games, and had no “outside” programs infliciting itself on my computer at all.

You don’t need to be a paid member. Try one for free and see how you like it. Then you can decide from there.


I have been using the free version for Elden Ring around a couple hours now, it has no issues, except just 1 crash, no bans or anything because I soley play offline and never turn online, but I havent checked windows defender yet, but got no notifications yet about any virus or anything, I dont know of that will check when I scan my windows defender, but so far nothing, hope this continues for the rest of my time using this trainer.

no issues with wemod in terms of malwares. Ive been using this for free for almost 2 years and no issues. You might wanna to check other programs in your pc.

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Trainers will sometimes trigger what is called a false positive in antivirus programs no matter what platform you get that trainer from. The reason this happens is purely as a precaution due to the way that trainers work - which is by injecting code into memory addresses that the game is using, in your PC’s RAM.

It’s also sometimes triggered because WeMod uses state of the art encryption that makes it impossible for WeMod trainers to be ripped by leeches and re-uploaded with shady junk in them. The antivirus cannot identify this encryption (which is a good thing, means it’s still unbreakable) so it flags it as a precaution.

The false positives are nothing new, it has been an issue for decades with trainer use, long before WeMod even existed (trainers came into existence in the 1980s).

As a community and marketing manager in the game development and blockchain industry, I wouldn’t spend my time as a moderator at WeMod if I didn’t believe in the product or if the product was shady.

In my time here at WeMod, there have been no infections given to any of the millions of active users over the years. There have been people who don’t understand what false positives are or how trainers work making enquiries, sure, but nothing actually shady being passed on.

Read more about false positives and what triggers them in trainers here: My antivirus marked WeMod as a Trojan - #2 by Ravenfyre

Thanks for all the feedback and the replies, I now feel much more confident using WeMod.