My antivirus marked WeMod as a Trojan

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You have nothing to worry about.

What is happening?
This is what is known as a false positive.

Every now and again, antivirus programs will have an issue with a trainer. This will happen no matter where on the internet you get your trainers from.

Sometimes an antivirus might be fine with a particular trainer and then, one day for no apparent reason, suddenly decide that it doesn’t like it anymore, even if nothing has changed (ie, a trainer update).

Why does this happen?
There are a number of factors why this could be happening:

  • Because of the way trainers work. Which is by injecting cheats into memory addresses in your PC’s RAM while a game is running from it. Some antiviruses mistake this for an attack.
    WeMod is not an attack.

  • The advanced and state-of-the-art security encryption that WeMod uses to protect the trainers from being stolen cannot be identified by antiviruses. This is a good thing, because it means the protection is safe from being decrypted and bypassed. Because your antivirus cannot identify this security encryption, it flags it as a possible threat, just to be on the safe side.
    WeMod is not a threat.

  • Antiviruses are far from perfect. They usually act based on how a program behaves. If they learn that a certain malicious program behaves in a certain way, they will sometimes mistake legitimate and safe software that behaves in a similar way as a threat. There have even been cases of antiviruses mistaking official Windows programs, which the Windows OS relies on to run smoothly, as threats because of their imperfect behaviour analysis.
    WeMod is not malicious.

The conclusion
The trainer is completely harmless. Your antivirus is just being over-cautious.
WeMod is the largest provider of trainers on the internet. It doesn’t make any sense from a business perspective to infect potential paying customers with a virus, does it?

WeMod is also the safest provider of trainers on the internet. Our advanced and secret security encryption and the bundling of trainers in a piece of software rather than having them standalone means our trainers cannot be ripped and re-uploaded anywhere with shady things in them. Which is a problem that all standalone trainer providers face.

How do you resolve the issue?
Add the following files as an exception in your antivirus program:

  1. Update.exe, found in the folder located in

  2. WeMod.exe, found in:

  3. WeModAuxiliaryService.exe, found in:
    C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\AppData\Local\WeMod\app- VERSION_NUMBER\resources\app.asar.unpacked\static\unpacked\auxiliary

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