Dragon Age: Inquisition bug

I’m uncertain if this has been brought up before, but there’s one error in specific which ends up leading to an inevitable client crash… which makes me grateful the game has an autosave feature.

When you have mods on (I keep most active for my story-centered runs outside of the unlimited perks/influence/power) and you try to turn in creature research at the table, be it Haven or Skyhold, the game will immediately freeze and proceed to forcefully shut out.

I tested my theory by turning my mods off prior to submitting the accumulated items and it worked just fine. It’s a strange place for a bug to show up, that’s for sure, but it’s reocurring.

Has anyone else had this problem at all? I’m considering doing a few test runs to see if it’s one mod in particular triggering it or if it’s a generalized response…

As I said before, I’m unsure if this has been brought up before. My apologies if this is a duplicate topic.


@unknown_v2 You are the developer for this game right?
Could you look at it when you get on?

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Here’s the Trainer link as well, just in case the OP needs help:

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Its a long time since the trainer was updated. Idk if this is a solid source.
But the trainer was last updated May 15th. Some problems maybe occur since back then.

Edit: Nvm xD Saw on the dates, not updated in a year…
Guess it cant be an update that have done it then. If that one above is right.

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Thank you all for the assists! I’ll try to make use of the links provided.

I think I’m going to attempt that testing I mentioned in my original post at some point later today if I get the chance. See if I can isolate any specific cause to trigger it. I’ll check back with the results if I get any. c: