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DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


How do you disable it? I deleted the files, but it caused the game to not be able to launch.


Not sure how to disable it in that game. Maybe “-eac_launcher” (without quotation marks) like in many other games but ah well who knows. Google does


So, I disabled EAC, but Infinity keeps telling me it’s unable to load cheats into the game.


So it turns out they added easyanticheat. I don’t know if there’s a way to disable it and since it’s an anticheat designed for multiplayer, i have no intention to bypass it and suggest risky drivers etc to bypass it.

If it can’t be disabled, get a cracked copy of the game. I wish everyone would stop buying their game and start pirating.


I was able to disable it by deleting the .dll files, but Infinity is unable to load cheats into the game, and I don’t know what’s causing this.


Deleting dll files does not grant eac to be disabled


When I deleted the files, it said in the main menu that EAC was disabled and I wouldn’t be able to play online.


This is the tutorial that I followed.


Why not get a cracked copy? It’s not like the latest patch fixed anything.


soo the trainer wont evan start up my game…


Game added Easy anticheat. Nobody has a clue yet how to disable it. Get a cracked copy instead and ask for refund for the game if you can.


i cant refund and i dont know where to find a cracked copy


Just play the game dude. Both Xenoverse games are amazing. With or without cheats.


Good idea. Let’s not support the game devs. Anyone can do your job, @STN just remember that.


I’m not fond of pirating games, mainly because it’s very difficult to find a suitable torrent program without getting a ton of malware on your PC.


Anyone can do the job of those game devs too, just remember that before writing something like this.


Game devs decide to stop people from cheating, i suggest a solution and suddenly i am the problem and should remember i am disposable.

oh joy


there already is an Anti EAC program for dragon ball xenoverse 2 and it actualy works


Where can I get it?


soo is the trainer playble?