Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I was using the unlimited party/self health after attempting the wandering drake in the Deos area far too many times and failing. The first time I used the codes and encountered the drake was obviously a cakewalk since none of us could die. The second time - just now (4/5/21) - even with the codes on we were dying left and right. I have no idea why as I start the game in steam then enable the codes I want the same way every time.

Could it had been a glitch or is the code now broken against dragon-kin in the game? I couldn’t tell you exactly what attack was causing the instant downing of my party since the fight is so movement intensive - but it might have been the breath attack. (But I’m not 100% sure.) As an aside, I tested the codes against several of the other large monsters and do not have an issue with death against any of them with the codes enabled.

I know it’s an older game and older codes, but WeMod is something that makes going back to games I had such trouble with and makes them fun again. So thank you, @STiNGERR for creating them in the first place. I appreciate the time and effort.

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The Add RC and Add Gold part of the trainer only works if you are offline in Dragons Dogma.

I think the game ddda wemod needs a update. can confirm gold and rc not working as well as the unlimited items.

Edit: Nevermind Wemod had an update lol

Appreciate the work being done here, and some stuff I discovered while playing around with the trainer.
Instant spell doesn’t seem to work on magick archer, and upgraded spells (via rings) for mage and sorc.

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Haven’t played MA yet, but can confirm sorc and mage ring-boosted skills are not effected by the instant spell toggle.

Also lanterns get a little weird when paired with the unlimited items toggle. Stack of five let’s say, when one runs out of oil and you refill it, it doesn’t go back into the stack of five, it clones and starts a new stack. Which is fine due to the unlimited weight toggle, but after a long dungeon you’ve got 50+ lanterns, and all of them are glitched out. You can refill them ten times in a row and still they last about ten seconds before going out…and then cloning a new also-glitched lantern xD Eventually you have to toggle unlimited items off, delete ALL lanterns AND oil, buy new ones, refill, and then toggle unlim item back on.

My game crashes every time I use the exp and Instant kill mods I saw someone else
had this problem too. Anyone know how to fix this?

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Hey there, old school gamer here, but new to PC. These trainers the WeMod team create are awesome, especially for gamers with limited time. I started game on Hard mode and find that visually health doesn’t go down but character does expire as without trainer. Anyone else experience this?

same issue and feels like theres gonna be no fix since the trainer was last updated 2017 and it’s such an old game too no one probably cares about it anymore

unlimited money doesnt work

Does anyone know if leveling or stat cheats can work for a pawn?

It does, it doesn’t max the pawn instantly like it does for the player, but it starts going very fast once you enter combat.