Dying Light Cheats and Trainer for Steam

1.48.0, and you say they work for you? Weird. idk why they don’t for me.


Tried launching both with WeMod, and independently, nothing.
Same for with/without mods.
And I tried all 4 combinations of those, nothing.

Those cheats worked for me in the past so I’m confused what is wrong now. Especially if they are working for others.

Ok teleport does work, I just need to open my inventory first.

And backpack sometimes (not always) goes to 17 rather than the default 14 (this is whilst it says 34).

Still not sure why it doesn’t all work properly for me.

Hi there guys, not sure if a bug or not, clicking the extra inventory results in it saying I have 34 slots but when I try to grab anything if I have 14 items, it still tells my my inventory is full.

Thanks for your time, sorry if it’s already been said or I’m just doing it wrong.

Hey, could Ya’ll add XP multipliers Aswell?
I like to level up quick but not instantly

The epic games doesnt work properly, when i launch thru wemod it says, it couldnt launch with this error, i even tried uninstalling the following dlc, with only just the base game (enhanced edition), this error keeps coming.

Any chance of adding an infinite coins cheat for the Hellraid mode?

LOL what happened to gravity? New moon mode is rather interesting.

(I don’t have boost jump active btw)

The Dying Light cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

“More Backpack Slots” doesn’t work, like it shows more inventory slots though you can only pickup a limited amount of items/same as without the key enabled, as well as other bugs, like “Super Accuracy” being disabled when trying to enable the keybind, everything else works fine, however I haven’t tested the “Max Survivor, Agility, Power, Driver, Legend” level thing nor the “Teleport to Waypoint”, “Save Location”, “Teleport” keybinds & a few others which I’m sure most likely work.

Could I suggest an invisibility / stealth mode?

The Dying Light cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

teleport height is set way to high’ I would add a slider to at least the last 2 or 3 versions to adjust the height since some people might not be able to update. I wont quote the post just mention it as some other poster has said due to the fall height teleporting folks to a safe house or look out tower make the cheat useless other wise this is still a great work.

EDIT: I found a work around. You can use the f4 save location just before you hit the ground where the game teleports you away from where you want to go and use the f5 teleport to cheat to go back to where you wanted to go & not get sent Elswyer by the game.

dying light has VAC anti-cheat there is no way to enter using hack in matches the anti cheat will detect