Easy way to mod dead island

Excuse my crap grammar

  1. Get your save onto your desktop

  2. Make a new folder call it what ever you wish i will call it extracted

  3. Drag and drop your save into horizon and go to the contents tab and extract the file into the new folder

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  1. Now that it is in the folder you will need to extract it again using 7ZIP right click the save and click
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Now it will open the save and it should be save_0~ or save save_1~ depending on your save number drag and drop the save into the folder i told you to create also keep 7ZIP open

  1. Next open your save_0~ in the editor and mod what you wish as you can see i have already edited mine
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  1. After you have done click save

  2. Next go back to your save you have just edited and drag and drop it into 7ZIP it will ask if you want to copy over it obviously pick yes

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  1. Now we can go back to horizon and replace the save with the edited one so click the replace button like so
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Once done you can now click rehash and resign and save to device :thumbsup:

I hope i have helped like i said sorry for my poor grammar :confused:


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well there be pc mods.

Well since its on pc then i guess so i see no reason why not i mean nearly every game can be modified on pc correct ? :confused: i may be wrong

where can we find the editor itself?

Im not sure if its been posted so search first i did not include the link because it is not my work to share :smile: but go here Dead Island - Save editor V1.2

Dude what kind of theme is that on your computer :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow almost every time i post pictures of my desktop atleast 5 or 6 people ask about my theme :laughing: i will PM you

Hey boss have to modded your grenades or health packs liek the guy at 360haven gave details on how to do?

It works like a charm and is so easy.

Nope i have not seen that thread yet ? is it save game mod or do you edit the data file ?

It is a save game mod, here is the guys exact post, its not his own thread its a newer dude to the site just throwing down some *****in input on one of the threads.

If you search for text: Medkit you will find the medkits, now if you look at the actual binary. You will see a BF 08 after it. Before that you will see a number.
It could be 01 or 02 or 03, depending on how many healthkits you have,
just change it to FF and it will give you 255 med kits) Same is applied with
other items for you to create your weapon mods in game, or molotovs. Same with your
firearm ammo. Just look for that (BF 80) and change the value before it. You can even
change it from 00 00 01 BF 80 to 00 FF FF BF 80 like I’ve done. Hope this helps someone.

Thanks for this bro i must of missed this :thumbsup:

No problem, I modded my molotoves, deo-bombs, and healthkits to 65535

Well, maybe because… Thats the sexiest thing ive ever seen…

Hey have you got passed a mission the one where you need to go to the jungle ? i have done tons of missions but i have no idea where the hell the jungle is and i finally got a revolver :smiley: first gun i have seen in the entire game i might hex the ammo now :laughing:

It goes Resort - Moresby - Jungle, you will get their as you play, same guy said you could hex ammo just the same

There Pc Mods Tho Mate :smile:

Whole complete sentence please?

Sorry i dont really understand what your actually trying to say is that a question or are you telling me ? :confused:

Oh my God, thank you for this tutorial. This is the only one that helped to me to actually find the right ****ing file to mod. Much appreciated dude.

anyone figure out how to mod the skills yet? like skill points?