ELDEN RING Cheats and Trainer for Steam

You need to follow the method mentioned in the trainer notes. Make sure you launch the game before clicking play in WeMod.

I did.
Disabled the anticheat, launched from the exe, then tried to run wemod [I manually put in the exe into wemod].

Would not find it when I followed the instructions on wemod.

I’m going to try removing the start_protected_game file from it entirely and rename the exe eldinring and see if it works that way. It seems to be having trouble reading the exe name.

So the EXE needs to be named “eldenring”, not the older method of disabling the EAC by renaming the EXE to “start_protected_game” while renaming the actual EAC file to something completely different.

The instructions on the app don’t reflect the new method.

Thanks for your help anyway, glad I figured it out!

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As long as it doesnt change the “hp” stat directly, for example, you wouldnt want to use the drop cheat if you wanted to use the char online, because it permanently changes the discovery stat, which will get you soft banned. Anything that changes a stat permanently should be considered bannable. For quick help, I recommend the god mode that ignores enemies attacks.

Either way, infinite health nor god mode will protect you from falling to your death, also, there are cases in where you get hit larger than your hp pool, you will die regardless.

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If an enemy hits more than your hp pool you will die, there are times when the game frames just make it so you die. Would recommend god mode to get thru certain points unless youre just practicing parry and dodging.

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doesn’t work anymore, can you please update it

The game crashes whenever I get close to the dragon at the Three Sisters. No cheats activated, just bugs out and crashes.

that sounds like its more of a game issue not a wemod issue?

Only crashes when WeMod is activated.