EVERSPACE 2 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

for some reason it was put on the update needed thing then it was taken off with out the update

@MrAntiFun @Ravenfyre fyi, needs updating. You guys need a “request update” feature for pro users.

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New Version from 04/11/2023, if you use F5 Unlimited Gun Ammo, you arent able to fire any secondary Weapon, be it missles or mines.

ok my statement was to broad, it seems no rare weapons work, common rockets seem to always work, common mines do not, uncommon rockets i couldnt test, i dont have them, uncommen mines and missiles do not work, or only if you dont switch secondary Weapons.
i do not have superior weapons yet so i couldnt test. My Advice use F5 for your normal enemies and disable if you have to take down something bigger where you need missiles.