Everytime i toggle a cheat in any game it just turn back off

I cant toggle a cheat because it just turns off after i toggle it

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What games have your tried? If it is happening in multiple games it makes me think you are trying to use cracked games which we don’t support.

I dont use cracked games the only games i use are ones ive bought and yes its multiple games

Its terraria

If it is only happening in one game then the trainer probably needs to be updated.

It just got updated tho

It also happened with phasmophobia and still has a problem with it

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No other fames tho

Both of those games are early access and update weekly if not more often. There is no way for us to keep up with the updates.

hello this same thing is happening to me i am playing hoi4 (hearts of iron 4) and i have a cracked 64bit version of the game from nexus games

and when i try to toggle god mode,ınstant movement,unlimited fuel,unlimited organazations these cheats just wont turn on just flick the turn on and then turn off in like a milisecond

WeMod doesn’t support pirated games. No one will be able to assist you with this.

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I am running BG3 patch 6 Hotfix 19. I just got the trainer for a 3 day trial. The game is NOT cracked. It is from Stream. As the thread title says every time I toggle a cheat it just turns off. Help!

I can run pirated My Summer Car with no issues! What u takin about?

We don’t support it, as in, “Buy the game if it doesn’t work. If it does work, then hooray for you but buy the game anyway”

It’s not intentional for WeMod trainers to work on pirated games.

The same thing is happening to me, with the witcher 3, that i bought from steam in 2020. Always used wemod with this game never had a problem. Then patches started coming out, the game stutters and stalls… Today i tried to play, after many months, both wemod and steam updated. None of the toggle switches will stay on, they keep flipping off. Also when i first tried to connect it said something about the game is 32gig and wemod is 64gig??? My laptop is 64gig.

The 32/64 bit message happens a lot when there’s a launcher that pops up before the game.
Try launching the game first via Steam, then hit Play when you can move Geralt around.
The trainer for Witcher 3 does require to be played in DX12 settings as well.

hi, thank you for your quick response, i found direct 11 was less glitchy, but ill try in direct 12. But what about toggles/hotkeys that are still not working?

Try the DX12 first, and launching game first.
If you still have toggled that are automatically switching off, let me know.

hi, sorry for the delay, when the game runs without mods no problems, when i try to play with wemods, the game starts to jerk and stall and isn’t controllable, no mods work, even though the toggle switches are now on. The mods do not work either when i start the game via wemods or through steam then try to start play in wemods. I’m at a loss. i had no problems before the patches and before wemods updated the mods for the game. kind regards, jane