Expeditions: Rome Cheats and Trainer for Steam

last time i tested this, health in battle was not working. chris i respect you and what you do, but please dont say “the mods are working correctly” if you did not test them all. (granted i did have the gog version so it could just not be working on gog i dunno)

You just answered your own question. It’s designed for Steam.

well then we need a gog version too. surely someone at wemod has the gog version of this game. though now that i say that, and know of the current issues with the gog version, i dont know why you would prefer the gog version over steam.

Is there anyway to remove the annoying “YOU HAVE UNSPENT SKILLS” message?

Tried the steam version and wasn`t working. Used steam game

When I try to use the inventory cheats the money, rations, and slaves will work and show up for a minute but if I make or loss any of the three category i will be reset back to 100 and have to go back and use the cheat again and again. Is there a way to avoid this problem or are the inventory cheats just bugged? ( If they are bugged is there a way for me to play with the player cheats with out having to start over)

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yeahhh… inventory cheat is bugged

  1. All the inventory/set XYZ-cheats are only working properly when you have “unlimited travel stats” disabled. I do not even know what it would be good for anyway (the unlimited travel stats). So if you have it disabled, the set XYZ-cheats are working perfect and are not set back to “100” each after using a ressource.
  2. Unlimited attacks works neither for your main character (which is a slight disappointment) nor for your “non story”-followers in your party (I mean the praetorians you can buy in your army-tent)

@Comm.managers - is there a way to tell this to MrAntiFun in hope the problem will be fixed or is it useless because the game is not that popular/important?

Thank you in advance

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Here is a good place as any. MrAntiFun and other devs are already focused on developing the trainers for the respective games. Let the mods here take care of the customer service. They do see your demands and do test the mods and report any errors to the devs.

Hundreds of people frequent this forums, which would take too much of the devs’ time. Keep the trainer development and customer service separate.

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none of them work for me at all, i hear all the character mods shut off when the game moves past the loading screen and none of the inventory ones do anything. steam version as well