Fable 3 Mod Tool

Maybe one that actually works and won’t get corrupted after modding and saving.

Game Title: Fable 3

Game ID: 4D5308D6

Mods Wanted: Edit Stats such as guild seals, Health, Gold. Maybe even things like your powers.


Modded Save - Will corrupt when loaded or at some point after saving again
Clean Save & Corrupted Save - Their is two saves one fresh clean save and one that was corrupted after modding.

Additional Comments:
I am sure I am not the only one here who will love you for having a actual working and stable Fable 3 mod tool. Also the I did a tiny bit of research and I am pretty sure its getting messed up because of the checksum.

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I second this, ive been wanting to mod this game for a while now

You see the issue with modding this game is for some reason after modding it gets corrupted and I noticed a extra .binfile is added called failmainquest. I am sure it’s because no one has been able to get the checksum correct. I know Horizon can do it because they modded Halo and before they did it everyone thought Bungie had Boss security and checks.

I would like to see this happen.But I think its been requested already.

This will give them more of a reason to do it then. I think I have provided them with a good start. I would attempt this but I know nothing of how to code a program or app.

Getting this would be awesome. Every time I modded Fable III it would either corrupt immediately after loading, or corrupt randomly later.

The only modded save I’ve been able to use for this is one where the original modder made the character 1.5x normal size, so all the cutscenes looked ridiculous. (Not to mention his face was all messed up because he gave him full purity or whatever it’s called)

If we want this tool people keep bumping this thread and eventually the devs will take a interest to it. :smiley:

Yes make an editor for this game do it do it now !!

there are modded gamesaves at the beginning . just use one of those

Make this… NOW!!!

I never had a problem with the editors out there, I am pretty sure it depends on when you mod the game. But I agree I would like to see a tool inside Horizon.

I would also like to see this purely because i’m a fable fanboy.

Most of them if not all of the good ones get corrupted at some random point of the game and having to go back and redo the game over again is annoying.

my save corrupts on other editors :anguished:

I also think if the devs make this tool it will bring a bit of life back into this game and they could possibly bring in a lot more people because I know a lot of people who would love this kind of tool.

The mod tool that is available now works fine all you do is get a second account add the money and gift it to yourself in split screen simple as.

I would love to see this tool too, but the game isn’t hard. And every tool I used corrupted my save and everything.

I’m okay with this.

Thumbs up if you think Horizon should make this tool.

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TBH i just hex edit then did the check sum but to mod me to maxed out gold but that manually takes about a week