Fake Coupons

Just print these out on any paper and it will work.

A Couple of Reminders:
-These coupons DO NOT work online!
-Do not request a unrealistic amount off
-These should work anywhere, but I’ve only tried Walmart and Target ( they both work )
-Just act calm and collected when using these just like you never knew they were fake.

Also, I’m not held responsible for whatever may happen. Though nothing should happen if you are smart enough of what you say to them when you try to buy it with the coupon.
Here are some good excuses:
-I got this coupon in a Email so I thought it was real.
-I went to SmartSource.com and it was a limited time offer.
-I saw a survey on the internet and I filled it out and they sent me this coupon to my email.

Do you think I could use the MW2 one at best buy ?


I think it would work.

FYI like 6 months ago give or take people were doing these too and almost all the local retailers and 7-11’s were catching on and people were getting caught on camera and having police called as soon as the coupons were shown to cashiers…

O_O didn’t know that

Do the barcodes on these scan like at walmart because I used the barcode scanner app on my phone and they did.

Well if you bring it to Walmart, they would scan it first, but they should work when scanned.

Yea im gonna try this at walmart later.

I shall get $5 MS points at CVS later.

dang thanks!!!

if your caught you can and will get ass raped in jail …

I know rite:|

Lol thanks I’m going to print them and give them out to people hahaha



OMG great idea!!!

Just use the excuses.

Dude, Were Did You Get These?!

what you do is goto walmart and if they dont accept it and you think your going to get in trouble you say you got this coupon from a survey online and they said to print this and then you say I guess ill tell them to send me a hard copy of the coupon or something.

I know this excuse deserves a thanks! your welcome.

FYI to everyone, if you where ever to go to court because of this, they can and will research you internet history, they will no whether or not you got the coupon from this site or from an email.