Fallout 76 anti cheat scans and finds wemod game over-lay and crashes the game why?

fallout 72 crashes becuease it anticheat scans a nd finds wemod game over-lay had to uninstall wemod and reinstall fallout to fix the issue have not reinstall wemod yet

Hello! :slight_smile:

Close WeMod entirely before launching Fallout 76.

Bear in mind that by default, pressing the X button minimises WeMod to the system tray - it doesn’t close it. Right-cick the WeMod icon in the system tray, then click Exit.

Press Win+G, and make sure the WeMod overlay is turned off by closing it.

To be extra safe, check there are no WeMod processes running via Task Manager.

Only after you’ve done these, launch the game.

As for the “why” the game detects a tool that cannot even be used in online games like Fallout 76 … :person_shrugging: - That’s a question you’ll need to ask Bethesda or whichever of their Fallout 76 developers misunderstands what trainers are.

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thank you this did help

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