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Far Cry 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Not sure how that is related? I haven’t had any issues with health and i played a lot.


He is most likely bugged, most likely can´t be fixed by checking cache, but i fix most of my problems that way :nerd:


The Issue is I can no longer purchase body armor so I cant get the body armor perk as i need to buy 3…

It also seems like this is actually a common problem with some other trainers:

See “I’ve run into a problem with body armor, it seems since using the infinite health option, I can’t buy replacement body armor any more, with the option off and my body armor gone, I have no way of buying new armor, this is keeping me from getting the requirement for the skill that says to buy 3 body armors. Is there a way to either unlock that skill or I don’t know, figure out what caused this to happen in the first place.”


I don’t know if its a general bug or a bug only with infinite health but its really annoying. Since a few others have had the same problem I think its possibly the trainer?

I’ve already tried verifying game cache but can try again I suppose…


Seems to be a game bug then (its happening on PS3 even like you linked) and not specific to trainer use. I am sorry but i don’t know how i can help if its bugged?, doesn’t infinite skill points help?

Ubishit heh


I tested this and im not sure… I made another save game from scratch never using infinite health and I can purchase armor no problem?


This kind of bugs are difficult to force, try the solution i said earlier or use a Save Editor (there are just a few around the web) to unlock the rest of the tree and purchase the thigie, they are more messy than using infinity but probably will fix your issue.


Can you recommend a good save editor for far cry 3?


Or can the option to unlock all skills be added to infinity?

@STN @Spray1


There is already in infinity Add XP and Infinite skillpoints so i see no sense in adding that, it works better than unlocking skills that way than force it all unlocked.


STN, can u add Unlimited vehicle health, for the vehicle that ur in such as when riding in a helicopter in Betting against the house mission so if u where to add it i would be very happy :slight_smile:


I am honestly quite busy with completing the requests and updates but i will try if i get sometime.


ok thanks


It seems to make my game crash and cheats don’t seem to apply(not sure if still in tutorial makes a difference)


What is your game version and source?


Skidrow, I think (Torrented). And how do I check my version?


have you checked if your version on the main screen? latest patch is PATCH 1.05 (March 5th, 2013)


it only said ReLOADeD
(EDIT): I think its 1.04


Get the newest version


Does it work with Uplay?