Far Cry 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

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The Far Cry 3 cheats have been updated!


  • Released trainer with 10 cheats

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

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For whatever reason the trainer isn’t working. I’ve tried using both this one and the one by STN, but neither one works. All I get is “We cant find your game, ok or retry”


It should work fine. You have the game from steam ?
Start the game first then alt tab out THEN click the play button in wemod after sometimes that works

no i got it for free not on steam but i put the exe in to the wemod it keeps turning one of them off


Ya it’s probably different if it’s not from steam.
These are made for steam version of the game

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This probably should have a Uplay version as it is a Uplay game

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I second this! Uplay version please?

This game is a bust on PC. If you fail a mission, when the restart cut screen loads, the game crashes ( on Windows 10 64 bit). I only have one suggestion for Steam users, uninstall it and don’t play it. Ubisoft sucks at updating their games.

the cheats turn off when i turn them on

Either your not using the steam store bought version
Or trying to use them online
Game hasnt had an update since last trainer update

I get them to work but the game won’t load up in time because the WeMod says it has issues, but you can still turn on the cheats even when game loads, the main issue is that it crashes and close the game after so about 15 mins for some reason. I am using the steam version which then loads the stupid Uplay up to play it which is very annoying.

I know this is very old but I have been going back and replaying old games and the first time I completed the game I never even knew about wemod.
Now I have the mod I decided to make use of the stamina and cash but I was wondering if this could have freeze timer or undetected options please.

Does it work for uplay’s version?

it worked for a few seconds then it crashed and now wemod says theres an issue when trying to find the game to use the mod. is it possibe to update it please?

That is generally related to an antivirus deleting or blocking WeMod. Try adding an exception for both WeMod folders in Appdata.

My antivirus is off but ill definitely try that, Thank you for giving me advice I highly appreciate it!

the trainer cause the game to crush on windows 10 20h2 after a while (Steam version)

Hey @OrdinaryZebra52.

Sorry to hear you’re crashing. However, trainers are actually the least likely cause of game crashes, because they only touch your PC’s RAM, not the actual game itself.

The most common cause of crashes are hardware related. Such as overheating, outdated GPU, not enough RAM, memory leaks, etc. The secondary most common cause is bugs in the software (game) itself, especially if the game is cracked.
There are dozens of causes of crashes, so it’s rather unreasonable to point the finger at the trainer, the least likely cause, right off the bat. Nobody else has reported the same as you recently anywhere.

and i would agree with you if not all my drivers are up to date and the game run perfectly fine without your trainer or with other stand alone ones it only crushes when i run this trainer from wemod