Far Cry 4 mod tool for xbox 360

Because of the current situation i thought i’d dig out a few old games and have purchased Diamond via Wemod for Far Cry 4. Whatever i do i just cannot get the modding tool to work, anyone have any ideas? and yes i have searched forums for past 2 days!

Can try searching with magnifying glass up there

Or what problems are you having exactly ?

I have already subscribed to Diamond. I save my game to usb open Horizon change values such as money etc and move back to hard drive of xbox 360 but the values there are the original values so no additional money etc

Thank you for going Diamond, WeMod appreciates it. :slight_smile:

What sort of values are you entering?
I don’t use Horizon since I’m a Playstation user, but I did hear that in the earlier game, Far Cry 3, if you set some values too high like money then it may not work. Maybe the same applies to Far Cry 4?

According to the FC3 thread, the maximum amount of money the game allows you to have is 99839654. So, if this also applies to FC4, giving yourself 99999999 money, for example, might not work. If you are entering a very high number, consider a lower one, like maybe 80000000. I’ve played FC4 on PS and PC (non-cheated), I’m certain you didn’t even need anywhere near that much money to get through the entire game.

I’m only entering £25000, weapon slots have opened but money is the big problem