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Far Cry 5 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


I’m having a slight issue. When I enable Unlimited Ammo, It causes my guns to be reloaded everytime I switch back to them even after I turn off the cheat. Everytime the gun is reloaded, I lose more ammo for it.


Hey presto I figured out the solution to my crashes on Farcry 5 :+1:



This now works for me!

Without the trainer, I started Uplay, I did the repair, got all the updates and then played the game for 10 mins.
Leaving Uplay open I started Infinity, I noticed the small download icon appeared, so updated Infinity and ran the game. All the cheats worked.

Thanks for making a great trainer!



Yeah this trainer hasnt worked for me in weeks. I dont know if its the EAC or something else, but the game always crashes when I try to use the trainer regardless of the various methods (start the game first, start the trainer first, game launch arguments) I use. Honestly ■■■■ Ubisoft for putting this blatant crap in a single player game.


The session is invalid. i have to verify the integrity of the files every time i play the game. and now i can’t play arcade. please help :frowning:


You cannot play arcade with the cheats.


Still trying to figure out the crashing in FC5 but seems like it’s going nowhere since the update of drivers. I think I might give up on FC5 for a bit until they fix the crashing issue


Bloody Uplay forced me to update the game just now with a big update. Wonderful the trainer now doesn’t work with this version. Arrgh!


same here


Definitely hoping for a v1.09 update soon! :smile:


update pls


When will the update come out? It feels like I have been waiting so long. I cannot play Far Cry 5 without this. Please come out with V1.09 fast. Thank you.


Stinger is currently busy working on monster hunter world. Once the hype of that games dies down a little he will update FC5.


When will there be a version 1.1 out for far cry 5? when i look at the cheats it says that there is no versions that is supported with the game.


@devinfranklin94 did you read what @Chris said? …


Please update it to 1.9


can you please say which trainer are you using?


can someone please update the trainer. i can’t play on co-op


not made for co-op in any case


It’s working for me now along with the new Infinity/Wemod. Yay!