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Far Cry 5 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Cheers Chris, appreciate the fast reply.


Have not been able to get this to work for a while now. Have the Steam version, everything goes according to plan until the game loads, and then it says it “we are having trouble starting or finding your game” anyone have any suggestions?


Try is to launch the game first, load in to your save, then alt+tab and click the play now button.
Also run Wemod as admin. If that fails, try to add the game’s exe manually and repeat step above.


No luck, I have wemod run as admin by finds the .exe because it launches the game. it just wont see the running process.


And starting game first, loading in, then hitting play once process is running doesn’t work either?


You cannot do that with this game. There is an EAC bypass that WeMod loads first so it has to be launched through WeMod. The last game update was in September and I tested it myself after that update. Only thing I can recommend is running WeMod as admin or finding the EAC bypass from sunbeam.


I was just curious if Stinger could try and add a “Custom Amount of Money” in Farcry 5, so you f.ex . could set your balance for money and/or pp to lets say 1mil


unlimited stamina, weapons no overheat stopt working after wemod update


Nothing was changed in the WeMod update to affect trainers.


Did you change from the campaign to DLC?


strange because it workt before the update.


no im doing the campaign


but i can live without them for now


I just checked Stamina and it works fine. Not far enough into the game to check weapons overheat though.
I just started the game will edit this if I get to a weapon that can overheat


Any chance we will get a Uplay trainer? Steam version doesn’t seem to work for uplay.


The steam version works for both you just have to select the exe.


Found one interesting bug, not sure if anone has posted it. When “No Reload” is activated, the fishing rod does this thing where the lure just floats in the air. Making fishing impossible. If you set said floating lure in the water, it just reels in the rod. Disable No Reload to fish properly.


Thanks, it started working for me. The game itself had issues. I installed it on my D drive as I normally do for games but it was terrible. Moved it to my C drive SSD and it is like butter now. I had selected the .exe before when wemod didnt seem to be working. Must have had to do with the D drive.


Infinite health only working while NOT in a vehicle. I cannot use the helicopter because I get shot within 5 minutes and die. Version 1.2.0


The Far Cry 5 cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!